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Pink Fat Rast

The References, Homages & Similarities thread for the show

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A thread like this exists in the books subforum, but I haven't found any equivalent to it for the show - so I thought I'd create one. (If one already exists and I've missed it, then please link it here and I'll be adding some things there unless they're all there already.)

Anything goes from confirmed references to suspected/possible ones to most likely random and unintentional similarities - preceding bits that may have influenced the show, as well as subsequent ones possibly influenced by it.



So I'll start with a rather unexpected one that I ran into some while ago - Mendez' slow-motion entrance from Orange is the New Black has a very strong resemblance to the White Walker's from the Hardhome sequence: both turn their heads once to each side, blinking in similar ways when moving their gaze between right/left and forward - intercut with 2 characters watching on in terror;

the music also has a distant resemblance - the GoT one features its "downward 4th glissando" motif played on some kinda distortion synthesizer (first introduced in the Fist attack from s2/3) mixed with high-pitched dissonant strings, while the Orange counterpart has a metal instrumental with distorted guitars playing power chords and a "timbre glissando" (no idea what's that called properly lol, sry) also mixed with dissonant high-pitched notes.




formatting issues sry, can't seem to remove this spoiler tag insert


I'll be adding more stuff subsequently, and others can as well of course.


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