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UK Politics: Black Lives Matter Here Too


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10 hours ago, Fragile Bird said:

I know him for The 39 Steps, but from the old movie, I haven’t read the book.

He was the Governor General of Canada!

How did you not read the book in high school? I had to and I am just a wee bit younger than you. 

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5 hours ago, Rippounet said:

This begs the question though: how did Thatcher (and all the subsequent free market fuckery) happen?

A combination of several factors:

  • In 1975, she was literally the only person within the Tories willing to challenge a man who had lost three out of four elections. She then proceeded to win elections.
  • The breakdown of the post-war consensus provided an opening for Something Different.
  • Even the non-Thatcherites within the Tories were on board with Doing Something about the unions.
  • Thatcher the person is more complicated than folk memories suggest (she opposed rail privatisation)
  • The Old Guard within the party still didn't like her very much 
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13 hours ago, Blue Roses said:

Read Greenmantle by John Buchan. I seem to remember the first 20 pages was just an unending stream of racial abuse, some of it so obscure I had to look it up. Not great on google!

It took me years before I realised that the character of Scudder in Buchan's The Thirty-Nine Steps was supposed to be a parody of anti-semitism, rather than a reflection of the author.

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The government is facing legal action after awarding an £108m contract formpersonal protective equipment (PPE) to a pest control company worth just over £19,000.

TThe Good Law Project today files legal proceedings against the gover over its multimill-pound deal with Peatfox - which has just 16 staff - tomprovide equipment such as gowns and face masks to the NHS.




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