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Games of Thrones Survey Series: Initial Character Impressions

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Hello, my name is Olivia Cory and I am a third-year student at Rose Bruford College. For my final university project, I am looking at embroidery in costumes specifically Game of Thrones. As you may or may not be aware that the costumes in Game of Thrones are heavily embroidered, but you may not know that the embroidery tells multiple stories about the character.
I have made a series of surveys which looks into my Game of Thrones inspired costume that I have produced with a specific character in mind, with their entire story/journey embroidered onto the costume. I have sent out previous surveys/questionnaires but they were a little hard to access and very long, I have separated the questionnaire into sections so it less to answer at once and you should be able to answer it from your phones so it should be a lot easier.
Can you spot the story within the embroidery?
This first survey is about Initial Character Impressions, which character is being portrayed?
Link for the first survey here: https://forms.gle/TJjegGGH4inEdmfB7
Thank you in advance for answering my survey!

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