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Seriel D'Jinn

The true identity of Daenerys theory

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(Obviously some spoilers) 







I haven’t gone searching for this one but I have a very wild theory that I’m not sure anyone else has thought of. It came about after reading about the mysterious letter that Aegon the conqueror gets from Dorne, that instantly changes his mind on giving up the war.  It’s VERY tinfoily.... but it hit me like “whoa!” 

What if Daenerys Targaryen is the Daughter of Aegon, first of his name and Rhaenys?


Whhhhaaaaat? How does that even work? That was like 300 years ago? Well hear me out. Daenerys may be the prince (non gender specific) that was promised. And “The dragon has three heads”.   Wouldn’t the prince that was promised be the direct heir of the king? The first king? Aegon has 2 male heirs. One born to Rhaenys, whos a bit soft, weak, and a bit of a pacifist ... and one born to his other sister who’s strong but vicious and cruel.  2 heirs. What about a 3rd? 3 dragon heads. The true heir that was better than both. The heir that the kingdom wished for from the great but wise conqueror who brought peace.  

So in fire and blood... Rhaenys goes alone to Dorne on her dragon to do a bombing run... but her dragon is shot out of the sky and some reports say she is killed.  However some reports say that her dragon was able to protect her on the way down... and the Dornish found her.. broken...but alive.. and they imprisoned her... possibly tortured her. But maybe just kept her hidden away as a hostage.  This is when the Old Dornish princess is still alive, btw.

eventually , after years of trying to avenge his wife, Aegon gets an envoy after the Old Dornish princess dies. They are deliberating on whether to keep up the war efforts or give up. The new prince of Dorne is after a truce. Aegon is unsure as he is still upset. The Dornish then give him a letter. He reads the letter to himself. He immediately leaves the council.. gets on his dragon.. flies to dragonstone.. and spends the night there. The next day he flies back and declares the war over. 
obviously We all want to know what the heck was written in that letter to make him react like that and 180 the war effort. 


My first thought was “what if it was a letter from or about Rhaenys? Why go to dragonstone? Were her remains delivered to dragonstone? Was she in fact still alive and somehow and he went to meet her on dragonstone?  Was there a glass candle there so he could talk to her? Or was Rhaenys pregnant? Maybe they brought the baby to dragonstone?” 
In my mind... the only reason for Aegon to totally switch his stance min the war like that would have to do with Rhaenys or a child of hers. She was his great love. He kept fighting the war to avenge her. He would only give up like that if his guilt or loss of Rhaenys was lifted. 


But then I was like..“ ok...so let’s say Rhaenys had a daughter while she was in Dorne as a hostage. Wait a min. Dorne. Where they grow lemons. Where possibly a house with a red door might be? OMG what if she’s somehow Daenerys’s  mother??? ”

I mean... it’s unlikely.. but possible. There is magic in the world. And the old Princess of Dorne is a descendant of the Rhoynish river people who sang the song of water (had water magic) and the Princess of Dorne was called a “Toad.” For her appearance...but there’s another magical character called “magi the frog” ... mmm... maybe it’s less about her appearance and more of a hint she was a water magic user.

Anyways....as I see it... how would Daenerys be alive now if she was born 300 years ago?
Couple ideas. far fectched. Very tin foil.

But whatever I’m having fun. 

what if Daenerys was born... as an egg. A dragon egg.  The Targaryens often give birth to dragon like offspring now and then. Children born with scales, tails, wings....what if... this one time... Rhaenys gave birth to an egg.  An egg that was kept safe... until 300 years later when she is hatched during a storm... a magical storm. But in dorne. She’s then raised in Dorne in a house with a red door and a lemon tree and the Dornish plan to use her and plant her with her “brother” ... an exile Targaryen and tell the world that she is his little sister. This make him treat her horribly, for he secretly knows this isn’t his sister and is a threat to his rule. A fake. A usurper. not a true dragon like him. That might explain why her brother is so cruel to her. 

the other option is... water magic. Somehow they keep Daenerys or Rhaenys in stasis... think sleeping beauty... and show Aegon that they will keep her body alive with magic and keep her sleeping and safe if he ends the war. he does.. eventually they release her from the spell 300 years later and here she is. 

or something. I dunno. It’s a crazy theory. But for some reason I just love it. How insane would that be? Daenerys: the daughter and true heir of Aegon the Conqueror. And that’s why her power is still so potent.  Her blood has not been diluted through the ages of intermarriage. 

Well I hope you like that. First time I’ve come up with one so outside the box before. Let me know what you think.  

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Posted (edited)

Good theory:cheers:but a bit crazy(i like crazy BTW).... though you would get a better response if you moved the topic to General forum as I learned to my unfortune. :D

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If Rhaenys survived her fall, and later gave birth to a child, then that child was Vulture King.


"Vulture King is the title claimed by a number of outlaws who rose against the Iron Throne, using the Red Mountains as their base. The first rose in 37 AC at the start of the reign of King Aenys I Targaryen."

He was King Aenys' brother. Or a half-brother, in case if Rhaenys, after surviving her fall, eventually fell in love with Prince of Dorne, and later gave birth to his child.

The letter could have been written by Rhaenys herself. She wrote to Aegon, that she's waiting him at Dragonstone. Probably she brought her child there, and introduced him to Aegon. She decided to stay with the Prince of Dorne, and Aegon had to let her go. Specifically because she had a half-Dornish child.

"Aenys accompanied his father to Sunspear to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the peace between the Iron Throne and Dorne.[3] "

Maybe the real reason why Aegon took on that voyage only Aenys, and not Maegor, is because when they went to Dorne, Aenys was introduced to his half-brother. After Aegon died and Aenys became the King of 7K, Vulture King could have rebelled with intentions of becoming either the King of 7K instead of Aenys, or because he wanted to make Dorne independant, how it was before.


Daenerys, as Rhaenys' child, doesn't work. For many reasons.

If Dany is not Queen Rhaella's child, then where is Rhaella's child?

Why did Rhaella died, if there was no child, born by her from Aerys? If she didn't died in childbirth, then how did she died? And if she didn't actually died after that great storm, then where is she now?

Why would Viserys play along with someone's ridiculous plan to present Rhaenys' child as his sister?

What Dany being Aegon's daughter, instead of his descendant, adds into the story? What's the point of this exchange?


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22 hours ago, Seriel D'Jinn said:

Somehow they keep Daenerys or Rhaenys in stasis

Imagine having to be pregnant or a baby for 300 years.

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