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Video Games: Mystery Box Character Creation


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4 hours ago, Rhom said:

As a complete PC basic gamer I have what is likely a stupid question.

I have one of those 1TB storage drives that connects with a USB. It’s basically a giant thumb drive and I use it to back up pictures and documents and such.

Is it possible to use it as a hard drive and run a game from it?

Its possible, but not usually with usb2.0 connections. 

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I guess I have a similar question. I bought a laptop pretty recently. It has a much better graphics card than my last laptop, I7, and 8 GB ram. It should be able to handle a lot of recent games on low graphics settings. Basically I wanted a laptop I could use for work that could also play some games.

The one thing I forgot check out with this laptop was the size of its hard drive, which is pretty tiny: 250 GB. With much of that taken up by stuff for work, that barely leaves any room for for installing modern games. I got an SSD card which I leave permanently in the computer to store some files, but I doubt I could install games on it. Is there an easy way to expand my hard drive, or to have an external drive that I could play games off of? Keeping in mind that I am not a handy person when it comes to electronics.

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