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Worldcon 2022 -- Chicago

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Here's the latest update from the convention:

An Update from the Chair of
Chicon 8: The 80th Worldcon

April 5, 2022: A Message From The Chair

Happy Spring! Here we are in April, and this month is just filled to the brim with all sorts of happenings! You’ve had questions about Hotel bookings, being on program, our COVID policy, what we’re doing virtually…and we are here with answers!

Our April Calendar:

ALL THE THINGS are happening in April!

  • Tues 5 April - PR3 is now available for your perusal. There’s information on hotel bookings, suite booking, our Artist Guest of Honor, and lots more!

  • Thurs 7 April - The Hugo Final Ballot will be announced! Watch for it on the website, via email, and on our social media.

  • Fri 8 April - Deadline to get onto the Access list for hotel bookings; if you need an accessible room, please contact [email protected] by this Friday so they can assist you with getting your requested room type.

  • Fri 15 April - Program Participant Application deadline - if you want to be on Program, this is your last chance!

  • Mon 25 April - Hotel bookings open for everyone! Yes, it’s finally happening! We are currently in the process of updating our Hotel page with all the information you will need, but mark your calendar to come back on the 25th to book your room.

  • Sun 1 May - Membership rates increase - if you don’t have your membership yet, be sure to buy one before May 1.

We have a few other things coming in April but not exact dates yet:

  • TBD: Covid Policy released

  • TBD: Virtual C8 plan and membership info released

(Both of the above will be released prior to the hotel opening and rate increase.)

  • TBD: 2nd round of confirmed program participants to be announced

  • Potential program participants are indicating interest for specific program panels throughout the month of April

  • We will have a presence at Eastercon in the U.K., Eurocon, and Norwescon (Seattle) in April


Coming in May!

  • We will be starting our virtual Hugo Discussion Groups as part of our Fringe division.

  • May 14-15 - All Staff Weekend in Chicago. We will also have a social event on Saturday, May 14 at the Hyatt - more info coming later in April!

  • May 25 - Initial suite assignments begin

  • May 31 - Deadline to complete installment plan payments


I think that's the main stuff! We're definitely in the busy season now, and we will continue to keep you informed via the website here, emails to members, and of course our social media platforms (@ChicagoWorldcon on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram).

We can’t wait to see you at Chicon 8!

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On 5/24/2022 at 4:07 PM, GuestRights said:

GRRM skipping this year too?

He removed Chicon 8 from his site!

Posted on George's blog today:
I should say a word about my appearances.    I have decided not to attend this year’s worldcon in Chicago, for a variety of reasons.   Chicago remains one of my favorite cities, though, and it looks as though I may be travelling there once or twice during the year to come… for reasons quite different, and much more exciting, than a con.    Instead of worldcon, it looks as though I will be attending this year’s San Diego Comicon… assuming they do not move to December or go virtual, as they did last year thanks to the pandemic.   I would rather not attend any more virtual conventions.   Guess I’m a boomer, not a zoomer.

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Is anyone planning on attending?

Being in Chicago, I could never have fathomed I might consider not attending but of course Covid and crowded indoor situations...  Living here I guess I can be more last minute with my decision.  It's hard to believe that this will be the third Worldcon affected by Covid.  Dublin seems so long ago at this point.

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On 7/15/2022 at 4:46 AM, lady narcissa said:

Is anyone planning on attending?


Yes!  Although hard to know where we’ll be in a month and a half.  Could be a trough or the latest wave.

There should be a few others also.

Assuming I do make it, we should arrange something safe at least!

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On 7/14/2022 at 11:46 PM, lady narcissa said:

Is anyone planning on attending?


I'll be there. Others who've said they are attending over on the Facebook group include:

Rachel Warner

Lee Greenberg

Vivian Caethe

Ken Brown

Jenn Johansson

Seo-Hyun Hutchinson

Marguerite Smith

Benjamin Sparrow

Steve Spaulding

Julia McCracken

Joe Kielbowicz

Andrei Vaipan

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