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Ser Scot A Ellison

Tolkien 4.0 (A dark and hungry sea lion arises)

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12 hours ago, Ser Drewy said:

Yeah, Carpenter does not come out of it looking good.

I feel like the fact that Carpenter was very open about his point of view in these interviews seems to go against the idea that the biography is some sort of secret character assassination, especially if no one really ever took it that way. And the claim that a biography tells you a lot about the biographer is hardly the shocking revelation that it's presented as. Of course it is.

As to Letters, CT worked with Carpenter on it, as is explicitly acknowledged on the cover and has led him to being listed as co-editor in bibliographic sources, and that came out years after Carpenter's biography... so how much animus towards Carpenter could there really have been from CT's side? If he really thought the biography was a complete botch, why was he assisting Carpenter?


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