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Alyn Oakenfist

Why do Tyrion and Littlefinegr get shit on for being attracted to Sansa, but Harrold and the other Vale knights don't?

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12 hours ago, Bernie Mac said:

I disagree with that.

The girl had been so young Ned had not dared to ask her age. No doubt she'd been a virgin; the better brothels could always find a virgin, if the purse was fat enough.

Sorry, but what you've quoted actually confirms what I wrote. Ned is Ned: a man who feels that fathering and abandoning bastards is despicable. He's out of step with the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Some will therefore call him "stupid" for having, you know, morals. Decency. But his kind is rare.

12 hours ago, Bernie Mac said:

"Your sister swears she's flowered. If so, she is a woman, fit to be wed. You must needs take her maidenhead, so no man can say the marriage was not consummated. After that, if you prefer to wait a year or two before bedding her again, you would be within your rights as her husband."

And here, this quote from Tywin, where he regards Tyrion's disquietude as some kind of foolish finickiness. Maybe as shameful as Tyrion's practice of using professional sex services.

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