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The many battles of Tywin Lannister and Jaime - revisited.

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Lately I was watching youtube videos about so called Southron Ambitions - one of the best asoiaf theories there are. Suddenly I've realized that there are inconsistencies between versions when it comes to Lannister participation in the alleged plot. Namely: theorists that believe that this was Lord's shot at power usually believe that Tywin was not part of the plot, while people who believe this was pro-Rhaegar conspiracy, believe that he was in. Researching this subject led me to revisit my ancient topic about Lannister battle experience as it appears that new facts were revealed about Tywin and his participation in War of the Ninepenny Kings.

The war happened in 260 AC, Tywin was born 242 AC making him 18 at the time - 2 years older than I though. He was a page and cupbearer to Aegon V (Egg) and friends with Steffon Baratheon (14) and Aerys Targaryen (16). Kevan Lannister (16) was a squire to Roger "Red Lion" Reyne - THAT Reyne - at the time. Tywin was NEVER in command. The commander of Western contingent was Jason Lannister, his uncle (and father of Tywins future cousin-wife). After he fell, Reyne took over. That's right - from the start, Tywin was Reyne's bitch. It is quite possible that both he and Kevan were knighted by him, because they were knighted exactly during that war.

Alternatively it could be Gerold Hightower... who was estimated 17 at the time and allegedly in command of the whole army. WHAT?! Yeah, this is weird because even if Gerold was actually in his twenties at the time, Jon Arryn would still make a better commander. Well whatever. The thing is that both Lannisters returned West with Reyne and immediately started to challenge the guy, to the point of provoking rebellion. The rebellion consisted of following  engagements:
- a skirmish against Tarbecks
- a brief siege of Tarbeck Hall
- battle against Reynes
- a brief siege of Castamere

So these are the military exploits of Mighty Tywin in his youth. Not great not terrible, so to speak. In less than 2 year spam he advanced from squire to knight and from knight to commander ultimately undermining and defeating the older and more renowned Roger Reyne. On the other hand he is clearly outmatched by Jon Arryn and his "military school": Robert, Ned and Rob.

But there is another thing: the knights. Most famous Lannister knights are Amory Lorch, Addam Marbrand and Gregor Clegane. Of these only Lorch is rumored to fight against Tarbecks and Reynes (and this is disputed). Marbrand and Clegane are said to be Jaime's peers. So even if Tywin did fight a hundred battles - his knights certainly did not.

ps. About Jaime - it is doubtful that he did fight against Greyjoys and even so - not on a horse.


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