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Shireen's fate (spoilers)


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This theory is a possible explanation for the GRRM confirmed book spoiler about Shireen's death by burning.  I fully admit this theory is a bit tinfoil and probably wrong...


Jon died at the end of the last book,  his resurrection is not really a matter of when but how. The thousands of wildlings and most Nights Watch know the dead must be burned or they will become wights. I can't see a scenario where Jon's Body would not be burned relatively quick. The wildlings would insist on Jon's body being burned as a sign of respect. Assuming a body is necessary for resurrection we would have a few hours at best before Jon's body is cremated. 


Jon and Val have discussed shireen's greyscale several times. Basically Val thinks shireen's greyscale is still contagious, killing people with greyscale (including children) is a mercy, and shireen poses a threat to Monster (Gilly's baby). Below are the relevant exchanges between Jon and Val.

"The maesters may believe what they wish. Ask a woods witch if you would know the truth. The grey death sleeps, only to wake again. The child is not clean!"

"You know nothing, Jon Snow." Val seized his arm. "I want the monster out of there. Him and his wet nurses. You cannot leave them in that same tower as the dead girl."

Jon shook her hand away. "She is not dead." 

"She is. Her mother cannot see it. Nor you, it seems. Yet death is there." She walked away from him, stopped, turned back. "I brought you Tormund Giantsbane. Bring me my monster."

I think immediately following Jon's death Monster will contract greyscale. Even though Val admittedly cares deeply for the baby she will kill him as a mercy. The thousands of wildlings currently at the wall will blame Shireen and demand her death.  

There are only a few hundred Queen's men and Night's Watch brothers currently at the wall. They would not be able to protect Shireen from the thousands of wildlings. Recognizing this and seeing an opportunity for the ever important  King's blood Mel convinces Selyse to burn Shireen alive as a sacrifice to R'hllor.  Selyse is a fanatic worshipper of R'hllor and treats every word spoken by Mel as gospel. Because of this Mel could easily convince Selyse to sacrifice Shireen.

The dead bodies of Jon and Monster  along with the living body of Shireen are burned together. The sacrifice of Shireen's kings blood resurrects Jon. He later emerges from the ashes unburnt, just like Dany. 

Being unburnt goes a long way to convincing Dany of Jon's secret Targaryen lineage. Being unburnt would make Jon seem more than human, and result in men following him, despite Jon being a bastard. Being unburnt would also convince Mel that Jon is the prince who was promised not Stannis. 

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