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Levi Mulia

Game Of Throne (Sequel) ... Game Of Throne - Dragon Reborn

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I want to share to you my idea about Game Of Thrones for sequel. Read and enjoy it and tell me if lou like it so i can share again.

Game Of Throne (Sequel)


Game Of Throne - Dragon Reborn


1.       Dany Lived again

When Dany die, dragon take her body and fly to the east. Fly a long journey to east of map until arrive at the highest mountain (mt.everest now and the position beside china area). That was night and rain and dragon sit on the top of the mountain with dany’s dead body and cry in sadness with loud scream that can be hear miles around.

At few miles from that location, in the cave on same mountain, a dragon with gold skin wake up from her sleep after hear loud scream, and she fly to look from where that sound come from. After short fly the gold dragon meet with dany’s dragon and they start the conversation (in dragon languages  and telepaty).


Dany’s Dragon (DD): Who are you, I am Drogon from westeros and here is my mother dead body

Gold Dragon (GD)   :  I am Mei Long, i live at the cave not far from here with my master Li

DD          : I dont know what i have to do, i am sad, my mother die

GD silent for a while and said..

GD          : Follow me, we meet with my master Li, maybe he can help.

And GD and DD fly to a large cave and meet  GD Master Li.

Master Li wake up from his sleep after GD called him...

GD          : Master Li...Master Li

M.Li       : Mei Long, what happen? (speak Chinese)

GD          : I found drogon and his mother dead body at the top of the mountain. Can you help?

Master li stand up and look at DD and speak

Mr. Li     : Is she dead?

DD          : Yes master, can you help? I cannot live without my mother, i love her

Master li pick up Dany’s dead body and bring to the bed and afterthat master Li look to dragons and said..

Mr.Li      : if you want to make her live again, I need a dragon heart.

DD          : Take my heart master

GD          : No, i have 3 eggs, take 1 egg an open it, i think you can take the heart from my baby inside the egg, they almost birth.

Mr. Li     : Nice idea, but are you sure mei long?

GD          : Yes master

DD          : thank you mei long

Master li take 1 egg from the corner cave and broke it put a small baby dragon, bring to the table and cut the baby dragon to take the heart. Master Li cut the heart and fill a cup with blood that come out from the heart. And Master Li lift Dany’s head and spill the dragon blood into dany’s mouth. And master li said to DD,

Mr. Li     : I need your tear, because i see you cry and the tear can heal wound.

DD          : Take my tear master

Master li take DD’s tear with a cup and flood it to dany’s wound when she’s been stabbed by jon snow knive.

Miracle, the wound slowly disapeared and heal and dany’s skin became red, heart start beat and suddenly dany’s breathe and open her eyes. Dany alive again...!

2.       Dany and Mr.Li conversation

Dany open her eyes and slowly look a face in front of her, master li face smile. Dany get up and sit and look around, she see 2 dragon and she is in a large cave. Dany see her wound is heal and she feels good with her body. Dany said,

Dany      : Who are you, where am i?

Mr. Li     : I am Li Wei, and that is my dragon, her name is mey long. (and master li explain her why she has been here and become alive again).


Mr. Li     : I was read from the secret book in my palace that blood from dragon heart can bring back some one live again, and tear of dragon can heal the wound, that’s the miracle, actually i was not believe it until i see it happen to you.

Dany      : you said your palace?

Mr. Li     : Yes, it was, but not now anymore. (take a deep breath)

Dany      : What do you mean, i dont understand?

Mr. Li     : I was a king at here, Kingdom of China, and my cousin take my throne by attack my palace with his troop.  I avoid war by runaway with my dragon but 1 of my dragon killed, mey long’s couple. I dont want a civilwar, because live is matter, even soldier’s live. I order my troop to get out and in disquise to be a farmer. And here in this cave i am hiding with my dragon. This cave is my dragon place after mey long birth her eggs. It is save here. People cannot reach this place because we are on the mountain. (and master li explain her long story).


Dany      : I see, you story just same like my story. I am queen from seven kingdom at westeros but my lover jhon snow stabbed and kill me because i destroy the capital city when i fight to seize the throne.

Dany      : So, you have dragon, how? I have my dragon when i receive as a marriage gift. 3 eggs and i care for it until it hatches. But 2 die at war so now only drogon is my dragon.

Mr. Li     : Dragon is own and under protection by the Kingdom China. It is our secret and only the king can have it. Your egg must be stole from here. I remember that was 3 eggs missing. But now is only last 2 dragon remain living. My dragon and yours. And fortunetly mey long has birth 3 eggs, i mean 2 eggs now because 1 egg have use to make you live again.

Dany      : I see you can speak with your dragon, how?

Mr. Li     : You are right, only the master of dragon can make comunication with the dragon, and you must know that. I will teach you, it is easy, first you must see your dragon eyes and speak inside your heart, call your dragon name, if you really his master, you absolutly can speak with your dragon. I mean like telepaty, mind to mind. Your conection is directly from your mind to your dragon mind. Just try it now!

Dany      : Ok i try, but wait, one more question, you said your dragon name is mey long? I mean your dragon  is female?

Mr. Li     : Yes (smile). And your dragon is male. I think they are a perfect couple of dragon,


To be continue .....






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