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Tywin Manderly

UK Politics: Johnsons Hoaxy Yurt North of Hadrian's Wall

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1 hour ago, Heartofice said:

I mean if you can let me know why Lawrence Fox = David Duke then go ahead.

You can judge a person as a bigot for their words.

You do not need to be able read their minds and hearts to reasonably do this.

Are you still confused on this basic idea?

Hmm will smugly just say you already knew that?

Or pretend I literally said Fox is as bad Duke and totally try sidestepping this idea of it being okay to use a person’s words as evidence for them being bigot.

1 hour ago, Heartofice said:

Yeah Lawrence Fox = David Duke. Strange you seem to equate everyone to David Duke. Is this the new Godwins Law?


Oh one more thing. I’ve told you not everyone many social progressives or people get mad at is a racist.

I’ve freely admitted I wouldn’t have minded too much if Rand Paul or Mitt Romney had become president.

But no everyone left of a literal Marx is literally Hitler to me. I’m being sarcastic.

Lawrence Fox is not everyone.

UKIP is not everyone. 
Not every person or group I critique as being bigoted can be equated with everyone.

And I think you know that.

But it’s easier to argue not everyone left of Marx is bigoted, vs arguing a singular group like UKIP isn’t.

1 hour ago, Heartofice said:

Sometimes you don’t deserve it. Or sometimes I’m just so flabbergasted by your posts i need to go lay down


Its funny to me. Why can’t it still be fun for you? I don’t particularly care why, but still do it pleas.


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1 hour ago, mormont said:

We could perhaps do a Google?


I know it's a lot of work and a heavy burden, as a white person we are after all constitutionally required to comment on any and all racial issues at any time, but doing a Google really isn't that much of an ask. Maybe this was a response to, I don't know, requests from BAME staff or something out of left field like that?

As a black person I’m not really a fan of these types of safe-spaces.

I’m not docking the idea of safe-spaces. They could save lives-for example a therapist’s office needs to be a safe place so people who need to get help come back for it.

But I genuinely don’t see much benefit here.

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Posted (edited)

Ok well that definitely deserved a confused emoji. You are just rambling now.

You brought up Duke in regards to Lawrence. So you must have some idea what he has said that makes comparison useful?

Edited by Heartofice

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