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What if Tywin gave Tyrion the Rock?

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Let’s say in an alternate universe, Tywin has just enough respect for Tyrion to give him his seat at Casterly Rock. Tyrion negotiates that he’ll marry Sansa and consummate the marriage, in exchange for the lands of titles of the Westerlands. Tywin of course knows Tyrion will probably make it his “whorehouse” but he respects Tyrion’s intelligence and ability to rule enough to ignore it, and he’d be out of the hair of Joff, Cersei, Pycelle, and others who despise him and would probably support the idea. Olenna would still probably plot Joff’s murder, but without Tyrion and Sansa, who is to blame? How does Sansa’s arc change if doesn’t go north with Baelish? I’d assume Bronn goes with Tyrion to the Rock, which means no “diplomatic mission” in Dorne, and no Oberyn death with no Tyrion trial. How does the rest of the series play out? 

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