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GRRM's secret Forum identity


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This thread would have started on a really funny note if;

1.       I had an username called ‘GRRM/George/George RR Martin’ or similar

2.       My avatar/prof pic was of an old, fat, spectacled, bearded man

3.       I had a title (after 8th rank, custom) that said “Author, heard of me?’

4.       If the OP read just ‘title’ (which is the same, ‘GRRM’s secret Forum ID’)

I seriously contemplated doing all this (changing pic, title, username etc.), but I love my current stuff (pic, name, ….) too much to sacrifice it for a couple of laughs (or even more

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On 9/18/2020 at 10:58 AM, Lord Lannister said:

I am GRRM. I've been playing a game the past few years. For every tinfoil theory posted here I've bumped the release of Winds of Winter back a day. So assuming no more get posted we should be set to release in early 2024.

Off with his head! He dares impersonate me, George RR Martin. Treason! Villainy! 

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On 9/18/2020 at 9:05 AM, Seams said:

I think he does dip an oar into the wiki now and then, though. No hubris or anything, but there are details in some of the wiki entries that seem like things only the author (and I) would know to be important!

The quotes listed from or about the characters I often think are too relevant for not having come from George!


There is no wine so sweet as wine taken from a foe. One day I shall drink your wine, Crow's Eye, and take from you all that you hold dear.

—Victarion's thoughts


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