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Did Bran watch the wedding of Ramsay and Jeyne?


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I'm just re-reading ADWD and picking up on so much more the second time round. I find Theon's chapters really interesting and during Chapter 37, the Prince of Winterfell, we see the wedding of Ramsay and Jeyne Poole through Theon's POV. There are various moments in this chapter which reference the ravens staying in Winterfell and watching them even though Maester Luwin's rookery has been burned. Then after the wedding, whilst walking away Theon hears his name but no one is there. Considering only three chapters ago, in Bran's final chapter, we see Bran training and actually speaking out to Ned (albeit Ned hears but ignores it and thinks nothing of it), I think this is definitely a nod to Bran watching him. Theon is a lot madder than Ned so is more inclined to believe that someone was actually saying his name.


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