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DUNE: For Want of Little Makers


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42 minutes ago, Werthead said:



Sorry. I read it as like

"Warner Brothers are saying the news is BS and Dune will launch day and date in both cinemas and HBO Max. "

As if BS were some new movie launching with Dune. My bad.

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Well the trailer just showed about the entire movie. It looks great, with added humor to attract a larger audience.

Not sure about that scene with Paul in a golden armor fighting Harkonnen/Sardukar. Could be just a vision, or maybe an event near the end of the movie, but I feel slightly skeptical about the armor.

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I don't like that he's not wearing a stillsuit outside. I mean they're already taking liberties with showing their faces and stuff but I get Hollywood necessities, but without even the nose thing? I _hope_ it's a vision.

Scenes of Paul with blue eyes- including that one- suggest a time jump within the movie if they aren't all visions. 

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11 minutes ago, Quijote Light said:

I’m still not a fan of Momoa’s casting. He doesn’t seem to have much range. Dude bro Duncan. 

.. he doesn’t have any range. But if it takes casting Momoa to create some buzz and bums on seats for this movie then I’m ok with it. 

Not going to say the same about ‘I am smiling’ wise cracks though 

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Duncan Idaho is supposed to be a loyal warrior with incredible abilities who is so amazing and sexy they clone him for the next 4000 years. 

I think Jason Momoa absolutely NAILS that. 

The trailer looks just...amazing. Villeneuve is the most epic director currently working today, IMO. 

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