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totally not a Beric fan

Who would be your Kings Guard?

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I know this question probably gets asked a lot, but none the less I am doing it for the first post. So if you could choose anyone (within set parameters) who would you pick?

the basic rules are as follows.

1. you must have seven total members of your kings guard

2. all most be native Westerosi, and human. Meaning no giants or dothraki.

3. it must make sense for them to join your KG. For example why would Robert Baratheon willing go celibate?

that's it, have at it.

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bad writing

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my kings guard (if you really care) would include the following.

Gerold Hightower, as lord commander

Aemon "The Dragon knight"

Sandor "The Hound" Clegane

Jorah Mormont

Beric Dondarrion (simply because I like his character)

Robar Royce (again because I like his character)

With Mandon Moore, as food tester


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Let’s say Ned Stark successfully usurps the throne from Joffrey in the power move of the century. This is who I’d choose if I were him:

1. Barristan Selmy remains the lord commander. Ned would admire his honor and chivalry. 

2. Brynden “Blackfish” Tully by influence of Cat. I’d love to see the Blackfish in the atmosphere of Kings Landing; he wouldn’t take anyone’s shit (especially Baelish). 

3. Yohn Royce to appease the Vale. Ned would realistically fill the kingsguard with just Northmen but Yohn would be cool to see.


4. Rodrik Cassel is a no brainer. One of the most loyal swords for House Stark, he’d be one of the first chosen.


5. Loras Tyrell because they’d want to get their foot in the door. Maybe Robb marries Marg in this situation and Mace is given a council seat, idk. 

The last two would be members of his household guard or sons of his bannermen; Manderly, Karstark or Glover (Smalljon is the heir to Last Hearth so he wouldn’t be picked)

As a bonus, Jory Cassel is picked as commander of the city watch. In this scenario, he is still alive of course. 

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Dontos Hollard

And Lord, no, Lady Commander Cersei. Gender equality guys! 

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