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Which Frey was Champion at Harrenhal?

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When Meera retells the story of the Knight of the laughing Tree at the great tourney of Harrenhal, She says during the first two days the knight of the two towers won a place among the Champions.

Which Frey would you guess it being? ‘Black’ Walder Frey? ‘Bloodborn’ Frey? See Stupid Hosteen Frey?

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Unlikely to be Black Walder as he's not a Knight and was probably too young to fight in 281.


Impossible to say who. It might not even be a Frey mentioned and instead be another branch.

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I think that it was Danwell Frey, Walder's eight son born by his third wife - Amarei Crakehall.

Danwell's wife is Wynafrey Whent.

Whents were ruling House of Harrenhal, thus in my opinion it is highly likely that Wynafrey is the daughter of Shella and Walter Whents who was the original Queen of Love and Beauty in that Tournament.

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The other two knights probably were Donnel (or Harys) Haigh and Boros Blount.

Danwell's squire was his younger brother Merrett Frey.

Donnel's squire was his younger brother Alyn Haigh.

And Boros' squire was either Lothar Frey or Raymund Frey.

If all three squires were Freys then it probably were Merrett, Lothar and Raymund, instead of Alyn Haigh.

I think that Danwell was one of those three knight because he married with a Whent-girl.

The other knight was either Donnel Haigh (I think so because of this: "While traveling to the Twins, Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark encounter Donnel and his outriders.[3] They manage to trick Donnel with their peasant disguises, claiming they serve Lady Shella Whent." <- because of Shella Whent who was one of hosts of that Tournament), or his brother Harys (because of this - "Ser Harys is a member of the force under the command of Lord Roose Bolton that took Harrenhal."). If Harys was one of three knights then his squire was Black Walder (because of this - "During the Red Wedding, he (Harys) wrestles a Vance and is aided when Black Walder Frey hamstrings the man.[5"). Walder helped him to kill, if he was Harys' squire in the past then he has a habit of helping him.

Boros Blount is the only known Blount in the series. He's a Kingsguard, so he seems to be the kind of person who would have participated in that Tournament because he had ambitions.

About Merrett it is known that he was a bully and frequently attacked other people when he was squiring for Sumner Crakehall (Jaime Lannister for example). Sumner sent him back to the Twins in early 281, "After receiving a hard blow to the head from a mace in the next battle, Merrett was no longer able to fight. Unwilling to grant knighthood to Merrett, Sumner kindly sent Merrett back to the Twins.[4]"

Merrett was a bully, and he got crippled and sent back home, it's likely that his father ordered him to go to Harrenhal as his older brother's squire, and he was angry because of being unable to participate in the tournament so he vented his anger and attacked Howland Reed.

And Merrett said about Lothar that he is more dangerous than most other members of their House. So he could be one of those attackers. Or the third one could be Raymund, becaus he was the one who killed Catelyn Stark, and I think that GRRM meant for those three knights and their squires to be someone significant in the main series. Boros became a Kingsguard, Raymund killed Catelyn, Lothar planned details of the Red Wedding, Merrett was a POV in the Epilogue, Donnel High met Arya and Sandon on their way to the Twins, and Danwell married with a last Whent of Harrenhal, Harys took over Harrenhal, while Black Walder helped him to kill people at the Red Wedding.


Thus my candidates for three knights and their squires defeated by Lyanna at Harrenhal are:

Danwell Frey and his squire Merrett Frey,

Donnel Haigh and his squire Alyn Haigh, or Harys Haigh and his squire Black Walder Frey,

Boros Blount and his squire Lame Lothar Frey or Raymund Frey.

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