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About firenet, wights and the plot on the Wall

Garota Sem Rosto

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Hello, my lords and ladies!

I'm think about the plot in the Wall if Jon Snow dies or comes back to life. As GM said, the fire take away part of the soul of the died person that comes back. So, Jon won't be Jon anymore. As Catelyn, he will lose his POV. So , we will have just Melisandre and her flames on the Wall. But, about 10 chapters for a character with access to firenet is not interesting for a writer who wants to keep the mystery. He could cut her firenet, as he did with Thoros. Do you remember what Thoros said in the book 4? "The flames don't speak with me anymore". Maybe can all the red priests lose their firenet during the darkest hour, like in our apocalypse, where the letters of the Bible disappear? Melisandre already appears to be losing her power; she just see snow. Moqorro still has his power. But will he have always? Or maybe all the red priests lose their power, except the priest that is with Azores Ahai. Anyway, I think is interesting to think about this, because it will be a great challenge for the red priests and will solve the problem that the Jon's die will bring. Someone will can say: no, Martin doesn't follow patterns. He won't take away the pov of all zombie character. But he insists about this: coming back to life us not natural. Jon and Cat can exist, but they are not Jon and Cat anymore. Also,  I ask myself what the die will cause in Jon. I think Jon died in a cold place where his corpose's Jon can be preserved. So, he won't be like lady Stoneheart. He just died once, so he won't be like Lord Beric. So, what will he lose? I believe he will lose his compassion. He will be a robot hero, just worried about ends, not ways. And the wilds in Hardhom won't be his responsibility, if he thinks the risks of a rescue are bugger the advantages, for example. 

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