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Names Of The Northern Fleet

Lord of Farland

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Wyman Mandelry was building a fleet of the Kingdom Of The North and Trident and I thought of some names for the ships of the fleet.

1. Lord Eddard The Flagship

2. Lady Catlyen

3. King Robb

4. Princess Sansa

5. Princess Arya 

6. Prince Brandon 

7. Prince Rickon

8. Lord Edmuer 

9. Sir Brynden

10. Lord Hoster

The first ten named after members of the Kingdoms Royal Family.

Then some named in honour of Nobles

11. Giant Lord After the Great Jon

12. Black raven after Tytos Blackwood

13. Sea Eagle for Jason Malister

14. Shy Mermaid for the Manderley's 

15. Sie Mark After Mark Pier

16. Black Axe for the Cerwyns

17. City Of White Harbour

18. Castel Of Winterfell

19. Wolf King

20. Lion Hunter after hating the Lannister

21. Kraken Hunter for fight the Iron Born

Dose anyone have any other names?



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Lord Rickards Revenge

 Brandons Fury (After Brandon Stark)

The North Remembers

The Lion of the Neck 

The Longclaw of the Bear (House Mormont). Would tie in both with the Mormonts supposedly breeding with Bears and with the ancesteral Valariyan Sword Longclaw

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Pride of Winterfell

Fury of Winterfell

Wrath of Winterfell 

Lord Eddard

King Robb

Sea Wolf (is there one with this name already?)


The Wall


Lady Donella

Torrhen Stark

Northern Stark

Bolton's Downfall

Knight of the Laughing Tree

Ice and Fire

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