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Recruiting: Ladies of the Court


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King Aegon IV sits on the Iron Throne, eagerly presiding over a court life more lavish and liberal than it has been in years...with a keen if wandering eye. It is an intriguing and fun time to be a nobleman and moreso, a noblewoman.

Here are listed several pre-played ladies of importance, due to birth, merit or marriage, or a combination of these, who have the flexibility and visibility to fit right into various types of RP, from social to political interactions.

Alys Baratheon, nee Swann: Noted for her intelligence, charm and looks as much as she is proud, stubborn and controlling, Alys blossomed at court by her prominent father's side; and since her marriage to the Baratheon heir Ser Arion, is well-positioned to be one of its most consequential ladies.

Desmona Corbray, nee Blackwood: Desmona can boast a lofty position as a lady of Queen Naerys, yet also faces navigating a crumbled marriage to the Corbray heir Ser Dermett, a PC, at a court where her family's arch-enemies, House Bracken, rise. Polite, with moments of bravery in her record, confident but reserved, she is viewed as cold by some yet a great friend by others.

Elrone Marband, nee Darklyn: Gifted in music, affable, flirtatious and generally earnest of ways, Elrone fostered important relationships at court as easily as a penchant for trouble. She has since grown wiser and settled in a loving marriage to Warden of the Kingswood Ser Jan. What is next? Her brother, Durance is a PC.

Lady Erena Mallister, nee Lydden: This lady may not be very clever -by the look of it- yet she is a kind, generous soul and pleasant company. Well-versed in ladylike duties and skills, she is devoted to her reputable lord husband, for years an ambassador to Dorne -making them rather new additions at the Targaryen court. Her two stepdaughters Josella and Lena are PCs.

Lady Gwenda Redfort: A Restricted character and one of the realm's few ruling ladies, Gwenda is thus an oddity that however commands respect. Armed with her title, she projects maturity, dutifulness and stoic strength, otherwise remaining an enigma; save perhaps her piety and skill with a bow. Now allied through marriage to House Royce, her next steps are anyone's guess.

Jyana Lannister, nee Arryn: A Restricted character. Frail of health yet celebrated for her ethereal beauty, which she pairs with cleverness and refined manners, "the Jewel of the Eyrie" naturally has made a sensation at court and entered lucrative arrangements like service to the Queen and marriage to the Lannister heir, Ser Jonn. Despite busying herself mostly with her household lately, she easily remains one of the court's foremost ladies.

Melarra Connington, nee Hightower: Of an exuberant nature, proud and intelligent as befits a well-educated woman, and with artistic tendencies, Melarra may also be notable for her service of the Queen, if not too fortunate in her loveless marriage to the Connington heir, Gallard, a PC. Her person, circumstances and links though still very much suffice for impact.

Olianne Melcolm, nee Rosby: A Rosby cousin risen to serve a princess, beautiful and fashionable Olianne persevered at court when her royal mistress was locked away, gaining friends or admirers through her kind, energetic ways, intelligence -and per some, cunning- and ironically, honesty. She has made a prominence-ensuring love match to Master of Horse Ser Janden.

Pennei Massey: When a hunting accident cost her great beauty, Pennei's wit, manipulative charm and petulance gave way to shyness and insecurity but also more kindness. Her decision to come to court to avoid the motherhouse landed her an unlikely, successful marriage to Ser Luthor Rivers, Commander of the City Watch. How and into what has she grown?

Ryone Baratheon, nee Prester: Good-humoured, stalwart, active and gentle of manner Ryone was nearing spinsterhood when her politically savvy cousin Ser Farin secured her entrance to court via marriage to Ser Orson Baratheon, the Royal Huntsman. Quite likely she shares her husband's hope to make a mark. Her cousin and good-s ister, Rymella, are PCs.

At or nearing thirty, these women perhaps are not the archetypical youthful flowers, yet there is much charm and even more possibilities in their distinct and rich records.

These characters are Open, meaning that you would have to have read at least one of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series' books OR have prior MU* experience to be viable to apply. Exceptions are, as has been mentioned, Gwenda and Jyana, who are Restricted, meaning that furthermore, previous RP logs must be provided if one wishes to play as them.

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