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Cricket 40: Paines in the Ashes


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8 minutes ago, Paxter said:

I’m not sold that India can win from here...


I was wrong about Pujara. He's back to his own pace after a couple of boundaries 

But I can sense the intent 

Only 160 odd runs needed. 8 wickets in hand 

9 minutes ago, Paxter said:

But that was a fantastic innings from Gill. What a joy to watch. Someone on commentary said that it was like watching a kid play backyard cricket and I thought that was bang on. 

Gill is a kid. Playing gully cricket. Fantastically 

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All three results still possible heading into the final session of the Test - which is a mark of a great match.

However I think it's tilted in favour of draw, Aussie win, Indian win.

For the Indian win to happen, Pant has to play a bit of a blinder. For Aussies to win, there has to be a bit of a collapse. In the absence of both, you'd have to think the draw will prevail (which will be like a win for India in terms of the overall series - they've done an amazing job considering all the injuries).

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And after I wrote that, it looks like Pujara and Pant are subtly upping the run rate. 25 overs left, 110 runs to get. If they keep wickets in hand, they could have a proper dash at this.

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Three of Pujara's slowest fifties ever in Tests have come in this series


Most balls to 50 for Pujara

196 vs Aus Brisbane 2020/21 *

174 vs Aus Sydney 2020/21 (1st inngs)

173 vs SA Joburg 2017/18

170 vs Aus Sydney 2020/21 (2nd inngs)


73.2 Labuschagne to Pujara, FOUR, fifty again for India's new wall! They have thrown brickbats and bumpers at him, he has answered everyone in his own inimitable manner. That was short, turning away, dabbed it away for a four


The New Wall, the next Rahul Dravid 

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Gill and Pant, whoa whoa whoa 

And Washi's 6 and 4 reduced the tension. Too bad he fell cheaply but what a debut for him, Thakur, Siraj (in this series), Nattu and co

Deserving win. Kudos to the Blues. Ok they're in white, so what 

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96.6 Hazlewood to Pant, FOUR, Rishabh Pant crunches the cannon-ball to long-off that at last, at long last, breaches the Gabba fortress! 32 years, and the mighty Australians have been dismantled, destroyed, at their beloved fortress. The Indians couldn't wait to see Paine (and the rest) at the Gabba. The end of an extraordinary fairytale - perhaps cricket's greatest underdog story of all time has reached it's picturesque culmination...



This is that moment - Once upon a time, a bunch of rookies, with no expectations on them, were given a free reign, weaved magic, achieved the unthinkable, and etched their names into cricketing folklore...


The moment of truth: It was a full-toss, and it was a straight drive that took Rishabh Pant to 89. Into the shadows went the ball, and disappeared into the boundary at long-off. Rishabh Pant knew where it was headed, and just non-chalantly raised his arms in jubilation. Years from now, he will tell his grandkids about this moment, and hence the lack of wild celebrations - just walks off the field, as Siraj, all padded up, jumps on top of him, perhaps thanking him for not making him come in for a bat. And India will now take a victory lap, with Rishabh Pant fittingly leading the pack with India's tricolour. The entire Indian contingent on its feet, including Ravi Shastri - we're in for one heck of a cryptic press conference - takes a lap of honour around the ground, proudly wearing the badge of "Breachers of the Gabbatoir"...




And to think Paine sledges Ashwin about the Gabba. Lol

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