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The role of winter in the upcoming novels


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I've wondered a lot about winter and how it will interfere with the different characters and their plans.

For example, how will winter interfere with Dany's plan to conquer Westeros? Will she be able to sustain her enormous army (and also her dragons)? And will her army which consists mostly of cavalry be able to fight successful in a snowy terrain? I would imagine that the people in Westeros, who are already in a difficult position after the war and now facing a harsh winter, will have even more reservations towards her and her khalasar. In contrast to her, fAegon might have the advantage that he has the support of at least some lords, so when he requires food and warm clothes for his army, he can rely on their infrastructure (and the people might turn their anger towards their lords who force them to give of their meager food reserves and not towards him). Additionally, fAegon is used to a simple life. Thus, scenes, in which he shares his food with the hungry might give him even more support among the people.

A further factor might be the winter army which is mentioned in Fire and Blood*. It is quite possible, that such an army will be organised by someone in the North. Who will lead it and against which enemy? Or maybe there will be different winter armies throughout the North and even in the southern parts of Westeros.

A last thought of mine: Will the protagonists be able to travel as much as before when winter is hitting Westeros with full force?

Well, I'm curious about your thoughts on this!

* Fire and Blood mentions the custom of the North that people with no hopes of surviving winter or who would burden their families as additional mouths to feed, leave their homes at the beginning of winter and form armies which first of all seek a glorious death in battle.

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Your title is weird, considering the title of the next novel is THE WINDS OF WINTER. And the next A DREAM OF SPRING. 

Seasons have a very critical role to play in further plots. But I'm not even sure if Dany is going to leave Slavers Bay anytime soon. Nor if FAegon will go North. 

Apart from logistics problems caused by winter, the Others invasion is also very important plot. That one, we're completely in the blind. 

Only time will tell... 

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Actually there already is a winter army (of sorts): The northern mountain clans have joined Stannis partly because this would be an opportunity to die with sword in hand rather than with tears freezing on their cheeks. Some clan chief gave a great speech about this in the Sacrifice chapter. 

Given the amount of travelling our characters, and the armies of Westeros have to do, I would assume that the conditions in the Winds of Winter are not bad enough to prevent travelling yet, at least in the South. 

I could see Melisandre sacrificing someone to make the weather conditions better, like we saw in the show (which I found pretty cool). Or it could happen as an unforeseen and unintended consequence of whatever the hell Jon's resurrection ritual will be.

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