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Julia H.

Acrophobia #40 - Happy New Year! - ROUND 5

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The final round begins!

Happy New Year 301!

ADwD ended in 300 and I have no idea how much is left of that year – so all I can do is stare into my fires trying to decipher which characters will be around to send or receive greetings by the time the year ends. Do I dare to trust those flames and what they foretell? Some help from you all would be greatly appreciated, therefore I’m giving you three scenarios, from which you can choose whichever you prefer or find most likely.

1)      greetings from Benjen Stark (yes!) to Jon Snow

2)      greetings from the Blackfish to Jaime Lannister

3)      greetings from Davos Seaworth to Stannis Baratheon

Use one of the following acronyms:




Deadline: Wednesday March 10th (8 p.m. Central European Time).

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