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To which characters of the ASoIaF do you feel empathy?

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I feel bad for Aegon III. The poor guy had his three half brothers killed, had arrows and scorpions shot at him right before the Battle of the Gullet, saw his mom die in front of his eyes, got put in chains and a dungeon......I feel real bad for him. 

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Almost everyone. I feel for Cersei's guilt-wrenched brokenness. I feel for child-Ramsay when first Reek gets sent in to raise him. I feel for Ned's stoicism in the black cells. Varys for his messed up childhood. Euron for having to live with himself.

LF only gets very little for being really badly brokenhearted. Joffy a little for being spoiled rotten and at times might not actually know any better or not fully realising consequences of his actions. Tywin gets a little because I get tired even thinking about how heavy it must be carrying around that amount of pride.

None: Robert Baratheon, the slavers, Walder Frey - I don't even have a molecule for any of them.

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