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Angel Eyes

Sansa: a parallel of Connie and Michael Corleone?

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So it actually dawned on me that Sansa has some similarities with Connie Corleone and Michael Corleone. Like Connie, she enters into a marriage/betrothal (really this happens twice with Sansa) where she is abused where her father or brothers do not interfere because of culture (Vito does not try to stop Carlo abusing Connie because of tradition outside of minimizing his role in mob affairs (though it doesn't stop Sonny hitting Carlo), Robb leaves Sansa to be beaten by Joffrey, Jon cannot interfere because he is a member of the Night's Watch and is preoccupied with the White Walkers anyways). Like Michael, Sansa is slowly drawn into the family business per se, and by the end of things has removed all opponents to her power but has driven away all who care for her by her actions (Bran is king, Jon is exiled, Arya goes sailing), though Sansa is less unhappy about it than Michael.

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