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NBA 2021 - Randle Hearts

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1 hour ago, Tywin et al. said:

Maybe? @A Horse Named Stranger discussed how he's got a vote, but I'm not sure how that works for German clubs.

To answer this real quick before it gets shut down.

We are talking German football clubs here. So it's actually a club, with club members (including sincerely yours). General assembly we get to vote on the leadership. Well, technically I get to vote on the supervisory board, who put forward the chairman/club president and his team for election.

Fun fact, since my football club is a sport club with different departments, members of the Chess department, the boxing department, rugby department, or ping pong department [and so on and so forth] also get to vote there.

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11 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

Please read articles about the Suns owner then. Sarver is truly hated. He's ultra cheap, they've had no success under him outside of what he bought into and he's supposed to be rewarded for that? Buying a team when it was in a good state, coasting off of that and then being a disaster for ten years is what would get anyone fired. Them finally making the playoffs after such a drought is not something to be proud of if you own the team. 

Plus he seems to be the business type that wanted to buy a team to make easy money and use it to meet people. Actually making the team better appears to be a low priority. 

This summary understates how lazy, cheap and greedy an owner Sarver is for the Suns.  Every trope of the greedy owner is manifest in how he operates the team, and it is a widespread belief here in the Valley that he only owns the team as a social tool to meet and host potential real estate buyers / other banksters.

Every couple of years he shakes down the county / the city of Phoenix / some other government entity for millions of dollars to expand or repair the arena that the county and city built for the team and yet somehow the team uses at a very low cost.

I attend a few games every year for the past two decades, and Sarver wanders around the luxury boxes and then comes down to the floor and greets the punters in the comfy chairs.  He rarely even looks at the action on the floor, and once he discovers that you are not either in real estate or banking, he loses interest and moves on.

Somehow the team has stumbled into a very good coach and a balanced, competitive team after a decade of failure.  So even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

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47 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

Sigh. Sports teams are 100% businesses. Take of those rose tinted glasses. 

Sports teams are. Sporting results aren't. Your analogy doesn't work.

50 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

How many awful owners have run successful franchises? Because I can quickly start listing off owners who oversaw decades of abject failure. 

Again, all we need to do is look at the Clippers. 29 years of not winning a playoff game. Being a joke for decades, with everyone pointing at the owner as the reason why. They did get good at the end of his tenure, but it was in spite of him, and now that he's gone the organization is respected and thriving. 


You've got to be exceptional either way to make a name for yourself, because you know, its the GM who makes decisions usually. I know that the OKC owners are cheap, but I don't know who they are although I know Presti. I don't know who owns the Sixers or what they are like, but I know Hinkie, Colangelo and Brand. Don't know Denver or Toronto either, but Ujiri has made a name for himself.

I took a quick glance and despite all that they didn't make your criteria of ten straight playoff misses (unless you count them before they moved, not sure when they changed owners) or bottom five for five years.

Organisation respected and thriving not making a conference finals despite Ballmer throwing as much money as realistically possible. You're making a good case for a commissioner taking control of another franchise and gifting them a star player and semi blowing up a rival by from letting their players know they weren't wanted.

I'm sorry that your GM traded for Jimmy Butler instead of Chris Paul, saviour of franchises with awful owners. He helped OKC overachieve too.

1 hour ago, Tywin et al. said:

I started with a high bar because it's not realistic to start at three owners get relegated each year. 

Well, lower it and let's see where we are then? And by realistic do you mean fair or practical?

Look, I don't disagree that they are awful. Where I disagree is that 

1) You can't win with them

2) That they are the ones responsible instead of the GM and changing them will turn your fortunes around. That they are THE problem instead of A problem.

3) That there is a fair and objective way of determining them

You'd have had a better case last year. Except two prime candidates suddenly managed to get results, a couple of years after getting new GMs.


There's a new thread by the way, if you want to take it there instead.

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