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Star Trek: All Good Threads...


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I found watching Discovery once it was all out did improve the experience, so now I'm thinking of holding fire and watching the rest of Picard only once it's done. The last couple of episodes were dull.

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I just rewatched the first season of Picard and realized that I found it much better once I knew where it was going. I especially enjoyed the characters of Rios and Jurati more than the first time around.

However, there are still severe flaws with the weirdo notion that Data could be reconstructed just from a single neuron, the completely weird and inexplicable notion that the new androids would have to be created in pairs, that Romulan culture is completely arbitrarily obsessed with the annihilation of artificial sentience (one would assume that this would have influenced their policies in the past ... you know, like when Data was on Romulus in Nemesis) to the point that they would actually rather kill androids helping their people to survive the nova than to wait until that crisis was over. I mean ... why the hell care for some future holocaust when the fucking nova is pretty destroying everything you hold dear, anyway? Or are we to buy that the evil Romulan super secret service cares first and foremost for non-Romulan sentient life?

And then I don't understand why they felt they had to drag the pointless Borg cube into the plot ... just so they could kill cool Borg characters like Icheb and Hugh? The obvious plotline there would have been to make the Romulan anti-android policy connected with the Borg - say, because the Borg originally developed out of a network of interconnected androids and the Romulans somehow figured that out.

That kind of story could have made sense.

The whole evil machine gods threat at the end was also pretty much unbearable. First - we have to concept of Old Ones-like transdimensional machine deities who 'watch' their lesser relatives ... why the hell do such beings need to be contacted? And how the hell don't they come through to our reality once the beacon contacted them? Did they forget that their relatives were in danger?

Secondly and more importantly - this is Star Trek. Such advanced beings should have reached a level where a holocaust of biological beings was something they would not do. If they show up, they should tell both parties to overcome their petty differences less they do it for them - like the Organians do for the Federation and the Klingons.

In a sense, both Picard and Discovery fail to meet even the standards of TOS there - both the machine gods as well as special 10-C from Discovery should have been not as stupid/single-minded/impotent as they are depicted.

Of course, Star Trek also always had petty and evil god-like beings ... but even the Q Continuum does not arbitrarily destroy all biological life.

Finally, having Commodore Oh as the head of Starfleet security suddenly lead a Romulan armada was utter stupidity. They should have had another character running the Zhat Vash attack on the android planet (say, Narek's sister) ... or at least have given Oh a couple of scenes how she flees Earth and the Federation and takes command of a Romulan fleet.

Not to mention that a better plot could have been having Oh actually command a Federation fleet trying to destroy the androids like Rios' old captain did.

Despite all that, I still actually realized that I liked the series pretty much.

11 hours ago, Deadlines? What Deadlines? said:

It isn't just that it's dull, it's that so much of this stuff has been covered before. The return of Q, the return of the Borg queen, Traveling to the past to repair history, etc. This stuff has been tackled multiple times in various Star Trek series and films... And it's dull.

I agree with that ... but I actually find I'm hooked by the story somehow. I want to know what the point of all that is. Why does Q mess with time in that manner?

I have some ideas how the season might end - namely, that Picard overcomes his attachment issues, is possibly no longer a robot for some reason, and lives in a slightly altered reality where he and Laris are married and they have or will have children. I mean, why would 'the Picard line' be so important? And why would mess Q with it to change the past if the point wasn't to teach Picard a lesson about the mistakes he made? Not to mention the all the unresolved baggage Picard apparently still has with his mother and childhood that's likely going to be dealt with in further flashbacks?

If they are smart they might also revisit the pointless death of Picard's family in Generations - which very much smells like an accident that wasn't actually an accident.

That said - I very much agree that the topic of the second season of this show shouldn't have been another time travel adventure ... and most definitely not one stretching over an entire season.

I'm also really, really tired about the Borg Queen constantly talking about herself in the first person. If you have her, please retcon her into a representation or expression of the Borg Hive Mind. Do not portray her as an individual with petty desires, etc. Or if you have to do that - then please explain how she and the Borg Hive Mind do co-exist.

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I'm curious what's going on with Star Trek 4. They had like three different ideas at various points (time travel featuring kirk's dad, Tarantino's, and then one from a Discovery writer.) and my understanding is they're not using any of them. Pine seemed surprised when it was announced and hasn't seen a script.



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Honestly, I'm more optimistic about Strange New Worlds than I am about almost anything else.  There is a sense that it's more attuned to what I look for in Trek. That is, what we're seeing so far, it speaks to me.  Now, I wonder how they'll mess it up...

(I've not watched more than 20 minutes of Discovery, and nothing of Pike and Crew's appearance on that show.)

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