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Angel Eyes

Robb's not a good brother to Sansa

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20 hours ago, Jaenara Belarys said:

Elia for Robert? Yeah, right. She can't produce any more heirs, so that's a useless marriage. 



I'll trust Tywin, have we ever seen him lie? Besides the bull story about Amory Lorch. 

Yeah, that's what I mean. It would be an unlikely match at best. Plus, he just admitted to Tyrion that he ordered the deaths of the children, so why would he lie about Elia?

Tywin might not lie, but he is duplicitous. If he feels it is in his interests to lie, or merely ignore the truth, or let others believe a falsehood without correcting it, that's what he'll do. Whatever benefits the greater glory and power of House Lannister.

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