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Dogs III - the return of the furbaby thread

Which Tyler

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37 minutes ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

About 2 y.o. you say? Somehow I think you might have gotten a corona pup, from a owner that had no idea what they were doing.

Really hadn't considered this but it's a valid point.

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On 4/6/2022 at 5:46 PM, Spockydog said:

Can anyone recommend a doggie seat belt to keep Maggie safe in the back seat of the car? 

Was driving along today when she saw some horses in a field, then immediately decided she needed a better view from the front seat. Stupid dog nearly killed the pair of us. 


My parents use something similar to this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SMARTER-Elastic-Headrest-Durable-Adjustable/dp/B09FXBBNDB/ref=sr_1_15?keywords=Car+Dog+Seat+Belt&qid=1650323086&sr=8-15

Not this exact one but same concept, its very easy to clip the dogs in as it just attaches to their collar/harness the same way a lead would. They have two dogs and it keeps them from leaping from the back to the front seats and stops them straying to opposite sides of the car and standing on each other without choking them. They are both smallish dogs (Spaniel and a Cockapoo) so I'm not sure how it would be for a bigger breed.

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Was very close to returning the puppy we got last year as we were having an incredibly difficult time w/ her, which was causing an incredible amount of stress on our family.  After about 6 months she came down with a really bad case of incontinence and was peeing everywhere, including on herself in her crate.  Took her to the vet for a month straight and finally got meds, but it gave her diarrhea, so we had piss and shit everyone instead.  We had to keep her on leash in our fenced in backyard because she found a weakness, kept escaping, and terrorized the neighborhood (she's also ridiculously fast!).  Her energy levels are through the roof and no matter how many walks I was taking her on she was just never tired.  Our walks were also the worst as she wasn't picking up how to be on a leash at all.  Then on top of that she is chewing up our entire house and started growling and nipping at our kids.  It was not pleasant and I was starting to hate her, and my wife disliked her more than I did.

Well, I think we've finally turned a corner.  It seems she's getting used to her meds, because the pooping inside stopped and the incontinence is only happening 1-2 times a week instead of multiple times a day.  I fixed the fence now that the snow is up, so now she can't escape when we let her outside (YAY!!!!).  I've also started taking her on longer bike rides instead of walks on most days, which give her a much faster pace - plus she's really responding to the leash now both on the bike and on regular walks.  It seems that this is tiring her out more too, because her chewing is much more manageable and she has really warmed up to the kids.  All in all, the last two months have gone from "I need to return this dog, this was a terrible idea" to "I can't believe I wanted to return this dog, I'm a monster!".  I'm very excited for some warmer weather to come so we can go on some longer adventures, but for now, I'm just loving that everyone is adapting and thriving.  My last 2 dogs were pieces of cake compared to this, but I think we're in a good routine and over this particular hump.

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