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Are the Basilisk Islanders their own culture or just a collection of the dregs of the known world?

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Are the Basilisk Islanders a somewhat single ethnicity (with plenty of outside mixture), or are they just a motley collection of criminals from all across the known world? From what little is described in the books, do these corsairs have a culture of their own (i.e., their own set of religion, customs, rituals, or even raising families of their own etc.)? Or are they just an aforementioned temporary band of criminals, just exploiting the Basilisks Isles as a passing hiding spot?

On another note, from what very little information we have available, what do you imagine the Corsairs of the Basilisk Isles looking like? I personally flop flop between picturing them as similar to buccaneers depicted in Howard Pyles' pirate paintings (without the muskets of course) to the "black pirates" in Robert E Howard's short story "Queen of the Black Coast".

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