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Acrophobia #42 - Dear John and Jane Letters

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Welcome to Game #42 of Acrophobia

In this edition you become a man or a woman who has been hurt, or scorned, or cheated on, or who may have simply fallen out of love with their partner.

I mentioned this topic to rocksniffer and his reaction was, woah, how many letters are going to be given? So to make this work, I think what I want to see is something pithy out of said letter, or maybe giving a reason, or perhaps giving a...a...a colorful description of the addressee. :tantrum:  :stunned:   :lmao:

Maybe I'll also give more letters than usual as one of the choices, for the adventurous! 

We’ll have three acronyms of slightly different lengths to choose from. Maybe 4, if the 4th is a lengthy one. Create your pithy words from these letters and each word must correspond to the letter as in the sequence. Nothing may be added except for standard punctuation for clarity. The letter segments will then be published on the game thread and players will vote for their three favourite titles in order of preference. If we have enough players we will vote for 4 choices.


Should you wish to sign up to play please send me, your host L'oiseau francais (Fragile Bird in soccer disguise), a private message titled "Acrophobia #42 - [your board name]" and you will be placed into the lists. I intend to post the names of the first happy couple  mid-week but I will leave time for as many prospective players to see it before publishing the entries.

I am very, very rusty, it's been a while! I'd better clear out some messages!



You vote for your favourite three entries in order of preference.

1st place is worth 3 points

2nd place is worth 2 points

3rd place is worth 1 point

You will receive a point for creating an entry and a point for voting.

The player with the highest number of 1st place votes will gain an extra 3 points, 2 points each if there is tie.

I have nothing to inspire you with here! Just look deep down in your heart! And here's the Wikipedia entry for Dear John letters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dear_John_letter



Julia H.


Dolorous Gabe

an alpine shadow



@Lilac & Gooseberries   


@Howlin' Howland  

@Jez Bell   

@AssHat Ahai   




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I have no grasp on what the theme, but I’m here for it anyway :commie: I’ll need to read that wiki link :lol: 

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18 minutes ago, RhaenysBee said:

I have no grasp on what the theme, but I’m here for it anyway :commie: I’ll need to read that wiki link :lol: 

I just re-read my OP and please accept my apologies! 

A Dear John letter is a letter a woman writes to a man to tell him their relationship is over. I always thought it was a reference to the contents of the letter, but the tradition apparently sprang up to actually start such a letter with “Dear John”. It seems to be a strong tradition in the US. Many were sent during WW 2, but more during the Vietnam War. 

I remember there was a sad pop song about a break-up during the Vietnam War about a fellow who loved his high school sweetheart, gets drafted, and one day opens a letter from his sweetie that reads “Dear John”. Iirc, he then jumps out of his foxhole not caring anymore and gets shot and killed.

The reverse equivalent is known as a “Dear Jane” letter.

I envisage entries that range from the “I found someone new” type to “hate your guts”. 

I should add that a reason for the break-up would also be good, like “those disgusting socks were everywhere!”

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Thanks for your patience, everyone! I will post Round 1 tonight and see if anyone else shows up. We will go ahead even if we have a small group, right? :) 

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The first book seems like the place to start this game, with an iconic, loving couple who lasted for years even though things could have gone very wrong shortly after their marriage. But what if Catelyn Stark decided to end their marriage after Ned returned from war, bringing little Jon with him? We all know how angry she was.

Remember, this does not have to be actual words from the letter she sent to him, it could also be the reason she decided to send the Dear John letter.

Here are your letters.




Hmmmm, I just decided to do a bonus set.


Since I'm not clear how many people will play, I will give until next Wednesday, June 30th, 11:59 pm EST, for submissions to be sent my way. July 1 is a national holiday here, Canada Day, so I can post the responses in the morning and hand out the next assignment. I am posting this at 6:59 pm on Thursday, June 24, so you can judge the time difference where you live from that, right?

Good luck! Let's see if this inspires you!

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