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Any good theories on the Storm God?

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There has been a lot of great lore and real world myth and literary discussion going on in the forum as of late, but I feel like the storm god is one of those things overlooked. Not much is known about the storm god, except that it apparently lives in the cloudy hall (the eyrie?) and its commands Ravens (and possibly created them).

its nemesis the drowned god conversely seems to keep or have kept dominion over water dragons like the Naga the sea stone chair is made of.

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The first obvious answer that comes to mind is Thor, god of thunder, who’s nemesis is Jormungandr the world serpent who lives at the bottom of the sea. They are destined to destroy one another at Ragnarok.

There is also the odd detail of:

It was the Grey King who brought fire to the earth by taunting the Storm God until he lashed down with a thunderbolt, setting a tree ablaze. 

Which is oddly reminiscent of Prometheus stealing fire from Zeus to give to Men. 

Zeus and Thor can be seen at times as equatable storm gods. For instance, Thursday, Thor’s day, is Jove’s day in Latin (Jove is the Roman equivalent of Zeus).

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The Storm God is one of the two gods who live inside the World Tree and do ritualistic battle: (like @Mourning Star said, it is basic Chaoskampf)


Here is the tale of Perun vs Veles:

A unifying characteristic of all Indo-European mythologies is a story about a battle between a god of thunder and a huge serpent or a dragon. In the Slavic version of the myth, Perun is a god of thunder, while Veles acts as a dragon who opposes him, consistent with the Vala etymology; He is also similar to the Etruscan Underworld-monster Vetha and to the dragon Illuyankas, enemy of the storm god of Hittite mythology.

The reason for the enmity between the two gods is Veles's theft of Perun's son, wife or, usually, cattle. It is also an act of challenge: Veles, in the form of a huge serpent, slithers from the caves of the Underworld and coils upwards the Slavic world tree towards Perun's heavenly domain. Perun retaliates and attacks Veles with his lightning bolts. Veles flees, hiding or transforming himself into trees, animals or people. In the end he is killed by Perun, and in this ritual death, whatever Veles stole is released from his battered body in the form of rain falling from the skies. This 'storm myth', or 'divine battle', as it is generally called by scholars today, explained to ancient Slavs the changing of seasons through the year. The dry periods were interpreted as chaotic results of Veles's thievery. Storms and lightning were seen as divine battles. The ensuing rain was the triumph of Perun over Veles and the re-establishment of world order. On a deeper level, as has been said above, Perun's place is up, high and dry and Veles' down, low and wet. By climbing up into the sphere of Perun, Veles disrupts the equilibrium of the world and needs to be put in his place. Perun does this in a fierce battle by smiting him with his lightning and drives him down into the water under the tree stub and the log, and by putting him back in his place he restores order. Then they stop being adversaries and remain just opponents until the next time Veles tries to crawl up into Perun's realm.

The myth was cyclical, repeating itself each year. The death of Veles was never permanent; he would reform himself as a serpent who would shed its old skin and would be reborn in a new body. Although in this particular myth he plays a negative role as bringer of chaos,

Perun / perkune / (hyrkoon) is the Light and fire of the weirwood, the Yang

Veles is the dark and Ice side of the weirwood, the Yin.  Veles is associated with bears, and wolves, and is depicted as a man with a wolf's head


There is also a myth were Perkune splits the moon in half with a sword, so Perkune is R'hllor and the red sword of heroes is the weirwood comet.

The Long Night is caused when the dark side of the weirwood wakes and climbs the World Tree.

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