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House of the Dragon Filming in Spain in October


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Things have been quiet on the House of the Dragon front since their filming in Cornwall led to fans getting their first glimpses of some of the lead actors in costume. Now, thanks to Spanish newspaper Hoy, we learn (thanks to our friends at Los Siete Reinos) that House of the Dragon is set to film for three weeks in October in the Extremaduran city of Cáceres and the town of Trujillo. Both of these were used during filming of Game of Thrones, with the town of Trujillo providing the walls of King’s Landing and Cáceres as the location for a procession scene in King’s Landing featuring Euron Greyjoy as well as scenes set in Oldtown.

Per Los Siete Reinos, the three weeks would include pre-production time, so actual filming there will be shorter.


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with the town of Trujillo providing the walls of King’s Landing and Cáceres as the location for a procession scene in King’s Landing featuring Euron Greyjoy as well as scenes set in Oldtown.

Ah good news! Also this gives us more time to prepare, I haven't finished profiles on all the actors.

For reference, I made roundup reports on ALL spy photos from the Cornwall shoot:



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Does the article say they're also filming in Portugal or something?

Also, anything to that rumor that they might film in Spain's Canary Isles?  Maybe that's for the future but not this season.

***Rumors swirl on Twitter that a Teaser trailer is expected in July to August....which actually makes sense given that San Diego Comic Con is last week of July, we'd expect them to put *something* together for SDCC.  The question is how much of a Teaser? It could just be like how the first Game of Thrones teaser was just Jon Snow walking down a hallway. Plus none of the post-production CGI is done.

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Update: confirmed that they will be filming in Portugal, at the historic town of Monsanto:


It's up in the mountains, but the historic buildings and alleys look a lot like King's Landing:


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IMDB just updated again, confirming that the new Travel Unit which will be filming in Spain is indeed called "Blood Unit":


IMDB already listed for some weeks that the home base / England unit filming in Cornwall is "Fire Unit", so we assumed this would be Blood Unit.

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6 hours ago, The Dragon Demands said:

Is GRRM coming in person? I hope not, I hope it's a virtual attendance; because COVID is really bad in Florida right now. Their governor has gone full-on "the Mayor in Jaws" saying he'll withhold paychecks from school principals who enforce mask mandates. Not vaccine mandates, MASK mandates.

Why Orlando though? Not New York, Los Angeles, or London? This must be very inconvenient for all involved, particularly with COVID.


Florida is the epicenter of Covid infections in the U.S right now, if not the world. Has any media outlet confirmed this event? 

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Hey, this didn't fit in a different subforum: I made a 2 hour long analysis on "The Top Ten Fan Questions About House of the Dragon"

This wasn't just me randomly making a list...back in March many were so disgusted with a risible attempt at making a list of "top ten questions" by ScreenRant. So I put out an open question on the Community tab comments section for my YouTube channel on "what are your Top Ten questions?" cross-referenced with some of my own (which many agreed were their top questions too, just common sense).


The emphasis is on "serious questions we could actually submit to the new showrunners, expecting a specific answer": so nothing like "will it be good?" or plot mysteries like directly asking "who is Jon Snow's mother?" - they're loosely weighted by importance in descending order (the unreliable narrator question was pretty much everyone's top question):

  • 1 - How will it handle "Unreliable Narrator" aspects of Fire & Blood? (where the historical sources diverge)
  • 2 - How will it handle time-skips in the Rogue Prince era? (reign of Viserys I)
  • 3 - How will it handle diversity? (Race/LGBT/disability) (basically comes down to "explain in your own words your changes to the Velaryons", "will Jeyne Arryn appear prominently?" and "how will you present the characters with disabilities from source material, like Jaehaera?)
  • 4 - Which characters might be cut for time or renamed? (basically, we'd appreciate if they're honest with us and tell us long in advance if they're cutting stuff, not do what D&D did and be cowardly about it so the first we heard of it is when it aired)
  • 5 - Will they tweak the story to give Starks & Lannisters more focus? How much is too much?
  • 6 - What's the new behind the scenes dynamic like now, with a full writing staff this time? Plus move from Titanic Studios to Leavesden?
  • 7 - What will costume/prop designs look like in this new prequel era?
  • 8 - How will they distinguish each dragon, both in design & personality?
  • 9 - Will they show the POV of the smallfolk suffering in the war?
  • 10 - Will they show pragmatic Low Fantasy concerns like GRRM did? Tax policy / debt crisis, and armies struggling with supply lines?

Can you think of any other questions? Again, the emphasis is on realistic questions that we'd actually submit to the showrunners, expecting a specific response. Things they could plausibly answer.

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IMDB has once again updated, to list that Barrie Gower will return as head of the Prosthetic Makeup department.

No word yet on whether his wife will return as well; they ran it as a husband and wife team.

You may remember them from the "Last Watch" documentary - which inadvertently worked too well at showing off their suffering during Season 8.

There won't be any zombie or White Walker prosthetics in HotD (nor giants nor Children of the Forest), but "prosthetic makeup" accounts for all sorts of major injuries, anything from slashing wounds to lost limbs, to of course, severe burn injuries. Lots of burn injuries.

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"Hoy" just poste a filming update for Caceres: https://www.hoy.es/caceres/juego-tronos-rodara-20210825223017-nt.html

  • Filming in Caceres will last from Monday October 11 through Thursday October 21.
  • They will film at a dozen different locations throughout the city (it appears they're really using this as THE King's Landing location, no reporters they're going back to Dubrovnik). They'll even be filming night scenes there.
  • Locations within Caceres include the squares of San Jorge, Santa Maria, San Pablo, San Mateoand new ones like Amargura Street, the slop of Aladana, and the adarve of Santa Ana; also the Arco de la Estrella, the Plaza del Conde de Canilleros, plus a few more.
  • They're slotted for "three weeks" of filming in Spain overall. Other filming will take place in the nearby town of Trujillo...as well as, just across the border in Portugal, the nearby castle of Monsanto.
  • They're already doing some early prep work there now (I think just scouting/organizing/contracts), but set construction should actually begin next week in September, along with casting extras from the local populace.
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Update: Game of Thrones Film Editor Crispin Green will return for House of the Dragon


Film Editing departments are strange; only about 5 people handled almost all 73 episodes of Game of Thrones. Fewer of them than Directors.

From IMDb:

Series Film Editing by:

  • Katie Weiland    ...    (20 episodes, 2012-2019)
  • Frances Parker    ...    (13 episodes, 2011-2013)
  • Crispin Green    ...    (13 episodes, 2014-2019)
  • Tim Porter    ...    (13 episodes, 2014-2019)
  • Oral Norrie Ottey    ...    (8 episodes, 2011-2013)
  • Martin Nicholson    ...    (3 episodes, 2011)
  • Jesse Parker    ...    (2 episodes, 2016-2017)
  • Yan Miles    ...    (1 episode, 2016)

Crispin Green worked on the show from Season 4 through 8, starting with Season 4's "Oathkeeper".


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NEW round of spy photos today, Tuesday, reveal much more detail:  clearly the War for the Stepstones, VERY clear shots of what standard Targaryen infantry armor looks like in this era, pirates and mercenaries; brief look at Rhaenys Velaryon in full costume.


Rest of the Photos :https://imgur.com/a/ROzr0Jj

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This certainly seems to be the Stepstones, but I am not really happy about it. The Stepstones are supposed to be at a mediterranean area. Even Dorne, especially  Eastern Dorne is rather North African coastal region than (I think of, for example the coastal region of Lybia and Tunesia, not Morocco or Algeria), and the maps given by TWOIAF suggest the Stepstones have a weather even dryer than what Cyprus or Crete has. Not sure how Cornwall could look anything like the Stepstones. Not that it'a such a big problem, it's just that it would've given an entirely different vibe, which would've been cool. 

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