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Moqorro: Friend or Foe?

Canon Claude

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On 7/30/2021 at 2:16 PM, BlackLightning said:

I find Pascal's quote (and general stance) on religion pretty ironic (and thus, hilarious) seeing as his very name is a deeply religious reference.

It's not an entirely accurate statement either...

I mean, Pascal died in 1662. the violence inspired by political ideology and nationalism was not so much a factor for him or people during his lifetime. he would however probably be educated on the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition and the increase of which hunts during the escalation of religious persecution during the thirty years war. indeed the rape of South America during the Spanish conquest more or less sanctioned by the papacy may have inspired such sentiments as well. he witness the rise of colonization or at the least was around when colonization was increasing. and depending on his views on homosexuality, he may have had strong opinions on the seeming cruelty of "good" christians or muslims. 

of course this is just speculation of what may have soured him.

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Neither a friend or a foe, Moqorro like his fellow priests and priestesses of R'hlorr can't really be described with the usual morality standards and neither their fire god should be, their mentality is certainely more alien than really evil or good. 

Moqorro will serve and help Victarion and Daenerys only in function of how he interpretates his god's will and only as long as the Lord of Light tells him to do so. 

As for his advices and predictions to Victarion I think that they are genuine but of course their exact meaning isn't what Victarion imagines, with him of course only seeing them in the way his small mind interpretates and wants them to be. 

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