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MLB 2021: The Shohei Must Go On*


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I wish I could show the Dodger's pitching box score to a bigtime baseball fan in the 70s or 80s. I mean I wouldn't want to give them a heart attack, but I think I'd have a hard time convincing them that that's how playoff baseball is in 2021. 

Enormously important game. And it's a bullpen session. And they absolutely dominated. What a time to be alive.

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The Cleveland Baseball Team is getting sued over their name - not the expiring Indians but the upcoming Guardians. A local roller derby team has had the trademark for years. The MLB team filed for a trademark in Mauritania (lol) then three months later offered the roller derby team a paltry amount for the rights. The gals (and guys and nonbinary alike it's an all-gender league) said Eff that and are suing, saying the MLB team needs to spend an amount on its own re-branding equal to its promotion of the new name, and give them a further amount for their own advertising that they are indeed The Cleveland Guardians (Sorry Ohoian weirdos I forget when your teams get a The or not).

I love it. Play hardball, screw that shady ass trademark in a tiny nation - clearly the MLB team wants to flex its army of lawyers. I hope the roller derby team comes to an accord with em an also has the dopest uniforms in their league next season.

That said I'm also old enough to remember St Louis having two Cardinals teams and that didn't really get to anyone.

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