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Mark O'Kane

Who would win?

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Team 1:

Aberdeen - unmatched swordsman, acrobatics, Rapier, myrish stilleto leather armour, inspires loyalty, trained hard with unsullied, fighting pits, beyond the wall, yi-ti and some other places

Wensleydeen - Aberdeen's good friend, stout of body but steadfast in his loyalties, pinewood shield, shortsword, rolls to dodge attacks

Okoye- Summerislander, valyrian steel spear, acrobatics, deflecting arrows by spinning spear, fabric clothes and fearless

Floki - fighting axe and knife, 7 foot tall, worships strange gods, from a distant land, not afraid of a fight, fast reactions, 3 throwing axes

Tygett Lannister - discovered by Aberdeen and Wenslydeen in Valyria fighting demons, wields Brightroar but feels immense guilt for being a Lannister, does the right thing, blonde hair

Aberdeens Squire - Flail with spiked ball, 13 years old, below average warrior but acrobatics and doesn't give up easily, plate armour with Greathelm and red streamers


Team 2 The Pride of Westeros

Jaime Lannister - gold armor, gilded longsword and war lance made of goldenwood, warhorse, will fight dirty, high stamina and strength 

Ned Stark - plain steel armour with high defence, Ice the sword, honorable man and direwolf familiar 

Theon Greyjoy - weirwood bow and 25 weirwood arrows, can be revived if submerged in water and returns more powerful, dagger, longsword, wears hunting greens but also ringmail

Loras Tyrell - jewelled armor, lance, slim as a sword, forget me not flower Cape, beautiful female horse, longaxe stored on horse, sword, dagger, love of the commons

Stannis Baratheon - red gold crown, light bringer, studded brigadine, unwavering discipline 

Edmure Tully - Rash but a good man, longbow, 25 arrows, red beard, full plate armour, greathelm with fish on it, red and blue Cape, warhammer

Can do a hypothetical battle if interest high enough



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