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College Football 2021-22: Spinning up the Conference Carousel


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The Ringer has a great piece on the weird shifting dynamics of college football.  (No paywall.)


Here’s an exercise: Explain college football to someone who has no concept of it. Just give it a shot. Explain the basics, sure, but then explain why you know the names of high schools in Broward County, Florida, even though you don’t live anywhere near there. Why a former U.S. defense secretary used to post on a Texas A&M message board under the name “Ranger65.” Why, after a pastor called in to eulogize the late Alabama sportswriter Cecil Hurt with a touching prayer, Paul Finebaum threw it to a caller named “Squirrel” on his radio show and it all seemed normal and sort of beautiful. Explain Lane Kiffin’s career. Explain the University of Tennessee. Explain Lane Kiffin’s career at the University of Tennessee. The person you’re talking to will most likely not understand, and there’s a good chance that you’ll confuse even yourself until you don’t understand. If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back and wants to know why “Horns Down” is a penalty.

College football is one of one. A universe unto itself. All politics are local, and the same goes for college football. The sport makes no sense unless you’re deep inside of it, reading message boards that resemble college football QAnon—even then, it’s touch-and-go. The only way to understand college football is to stuff your brain with so much useless clutter—Noel Devine high school highlights; every school’s fan base that has claimed Bill Cowher was looking to buy real estate in the area—until you can no longer speak to a person who does not know these things. I say this to tell you that college football is unique, and drawing any lessons from a college football coaching move can be misguided.

Why is Horns Down a penalty anyways?!!?  And it better not be when they come to the SEC. :tantrum:

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1 hour ago, Tywin et al. said:

Georgia is fucked, calling it now.

Looking rough for sure.  Their offense has never had to do anything and now they are found wanting.

But hey… Bama and Georgia both in the playoffs bumps all the other SEC teams up in the bowl standings.  Kentucky could have an outside shot at a New Year’s 6 game. :dunno: 

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34 minutes ago, Rhom said:

Everyone wants a shot at the SEC. Wouldn’t you rather see Michigan and Cincy each take them on instead of facing each other?

Tell us you’re an SEC fanboy without telling us you’re an SEC fanboy.(not that we all didn’t know this) 

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2 hours ago, KingintheNorth4 said:

Congrats to Cincinnati on breaking the glass ceiling for G5 programs everywhere. They earned their spot in the playoff.

Bama wins by 31. 

Even if they do, it’s not like P5 teams don’t get blown out in the CFP all the time. Alabama beat OSU 52-24 last year in the NCG. Clemson even beat Alabama 44-16 a couple years ago. 

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