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College Football 2021-22: Spinning up the Conference Carousel


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Good night of football last night.

I like to dilute my bourbon with just a drop of sweet sweet UofL tears. The saltiness just gives it a subtle depth of flavor.

Chef’s Kiss >

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So for a 12 team playoff format, the way I read the bracket.

If your not getting the first round bye and you make it to the championship game, you will have exploited your student athletes the equivalent of a 16 game fucking NFL length schedule.

Every single college football team that participates in these playoffs should be required to carry a minimum of a $1 million insurance policy, payable to each and every student that they injure with this greedy playoff bs.

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1 hour ago, Ramsay B. said:

And Bama goes right down the field to absolutely no one’s surprise.

I was driving and listening to the game.  The crowd was crazy when Texas took the lead.  But a minute and a half and a two point lead was never going to be enough.

I was also very disappointed last night that UCF couldn’t finish the deal against UofL.

Anxiously awaiting UK v UF.

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Lol, you suck Wisconsin.

9 minutes ago, Corvinus85 said:

Scott Frost out as head coach at Nebraska, which is not surprising at all. 

I heard in Ireland that for the first two years after you get your driver's license you have to have a red N sticker on your car to signify to others that you're a novice driver. Fitting Nebraska lost in Ireland. Their red N let the locals they were a novice college team too. 

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