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Westeros MII:TW Mod Units

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Well, for now, we can just use this one :D.

Aeoleron, if you look carefully at the BwB+ Arya vs Brave Companions moment, there were three Dothraki. One was killed, Beric let two flee. :P Without crusade mercs, we should make Queen's Men trainable in B-Stannis's militiary buildings. Same with all but the Stars, who should be trainable in a Warrior's Sept Guild thing. Sparrows should just be recruitable at churches, and the slightly more elite Poor Fellows with the Warrior's Sons are at the Guild. Thoughts?

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Sorry, still no progress. I myself have been at Austria the past week...

I did some rereading of the books though, and I tried to organize some of the weapons mentioned:

Poleaxe: Robb executing Karstark, and on Tywin's wall

Longaxe: Frey men at Red Wedding, Theon raiding Winterfell

Longbow: everywhere

Halberd: Tarly's men at maidenpool, Lannisters(mostly guardsmen)

Pike: Karstark men, Lannister men

Mace: Lannister, Stark, Mountain Clans

Horse archers: Sarsfield, Daven's men

Holy Hundred, religious troops of Iron Throne and Ser Bonifer

Warrior's Sons and Poor Fellows, after Religion Arming event

Could take some of these into consideration for the unit roster.

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I think the flamethrower units the Byzantines have in m2tw kingdoms could be given to Joffreys faction and renamed pyromancers as wildfire is very similar to Greek fire.

Also if there is ever a wildling faction the timurid elephants could be reskined to look like mammoths.

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