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Who Was Jon Snow Switched With at Birth?

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13 hours ago, LynnS said:

These are normal people having fun.  You are just supposed to enjoy it. 


13 hours ago, LynnS said:

Also, this is your generation taking classical dance and turning it into something new. 

We've changed everything much 

13 hours ago, LynnS said:

didn't mean to derail the thread.


13 hours ago, Targaryeninkingslanding said:

its fine, this thread is already a mess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


No it isn't we can get back on track anytime we want. Just needs two or more people. 


I'm busy 

Hey, exams 

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16 hours ago, Universal Sword Donor said:

Dany is female. she can't be mance and rhaegar and jon

i try not to be a dick on this forums but this is just so absurd you should know better ;)

It was a joke. lol. I was making fun of sir letchwick


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On 7/27/2021 at 10:10 PM, Hrulj said:

Jon is son of Ned and Ashara. Son of Rhegar  on Lyana was killed by Ned when she asked him to promise her to kill all Targaryens. 

That's a new idea.  We don't even know if Rhaegar had a child outside of his marriage to Elia.  But say he did and the child was at the tower.  That child is the boy posing as Aegon.  It's a deep deception.  If people were to suspect a threat other than Viserys and Daenerys existed, and chances are better than good they will, the target will be the non-important boy.  Jon Snow.  Aegon is perfectly safe.  Jon is the decoy.  No one would suspect a second baby.  The royal baby is still safe because Robert would murder Jon and think it's all done. 

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On 8/3/2021 at 4:43 PM, Hrulj said:

Why not Jon be son of Ned and Lyana. Or Brandon and Lyana. Explains why she ran to a Targaryen, and why she didn't do anything after knowing her brother and father were burned alive 

How is she supposed to know about the deaths of Rickard and Brandon?  She is in an isolated area, and they don't have CNN.  In any event, the manner of their deaths (Brandon was strangled, not burned, by the way) is not widely know.  Catelyn didn't even know, and she was Brandon's betrothed and, later, Ned's wife.  Brandon can't be the father,, nor could Ned with Lyanna, even if I thought it likely, which considering Ned's attitude towards incest, I don't.  The timing is way off.  Jon would have to much older than Robb, and he isn't.

As to the OP, I can't see any reasonable choices.  Aegon would be a possibility, if he hadn't been hidden along the Rhoyne for the past 15 years, which sort of defeats the purpose.  I have seen theories suggesting there were twins, with the other one being variously Daenerys, Meera, or maybe Aegon.  I don't buy this one either, for various reasons, including timing and lack of motive.


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Jon was born to Lyanna and Rhaegar.

Daenerys is Ashara's daughter (father TBD).

In case anyone knew Lyanna had been pregnant, to avoid suspicions, Ashara was asked to pretend she was the surrogate mother of Rhaegar and Lyanna's child as the Daynes were loyalists to the Targaryens, which was all part of an agreement with Ned to keep Rhaegar and Lyanna's actual child for his own protection's sake. If anyone even came for the decoy, at least Jon would be safe.

When the remaining Targaryens planned to flee to Essos, they came and took away Daenerys believing her to be Rhaegar/Lyanna's child, and they lied about her being Rhaella and Aerys's true born daughter to hide her bastardry and pretend she was a true heir as otherwise they had only Viserys left.

This explains the vision Dany has of the old Darry coming to take her, and the house with the red door and the lemon tree. It explains why Barristan thinks she has Ashara's eyes. It also explains Ashara's suicide as her daughter was stolen from her. It also explains why Darry calls Dany "little princess" and "my lady"; the lie that she isn't a bastard sometimes came through.

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