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Given how big TWOW will be should it be released in two volumes?

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On 9/15/2021 at 3:09 PM, Mister Smikes said:

It's not an issue.  Nobody cares about how big the book is.  There are all kinds of solutions to the problem, including publication in 2 parts simultaneously.  

If (hypothetically) he has more than 1500 pages and has not published yet, the issue MIGHT be that he needs to write more before he reaches a satisfactory cut-off point.  

But it is really wishful thinking to suppose he has that much written.

I personally think that the 1500 pages limit is likely to no longer be relevant anymore, given his most recent quote that he needs to write hundreds of more pages to reach a satisfactory conclusion meaning that he'll continue to write until he reached it. Whether he's already above 1500 pages or not is another question entirely though. 

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