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Fantasy Football 2021


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For Westeros B and C, I'm just going to copy the intro I posted last year.

B and C are leagues that start over with new owners every year.  No preference or priority given to people who have been in the leagues in the past. 

B is a snake draft, while C is an auction.  Otherwise, they are the same setup.  The most important feature being that each one uses expanded lineups (2 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, 10 Bench).

Post here if you would like to signup for either league.  Going to start by limiting it to one of either B or C per person, just to make sure everyone has a chance to play.  So please specify which league you are joining when you post. 

That said, if you do want to play in both, make sure to also note that.  And if we end up having open spots, then those extra spaces will go to the people who requested to play in both leagues.

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Going to send out notifications to people who have played in B and C in the recent past who weren't already mentioned above.  But probably won't remember everyone, and obviously these are open to anybody who wants to play.

@JJ Lannister
@Lord Lyman
@l2 0 5 5
@Jaxom 1974

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9 minutes ago, Ser Not Appearing said:

What's that general point system?

I can play in any of the leagues (assuming there's no $ involved). Prefer C, just because I've never done an auction (I imagine I'll suck at it).

No money involved, these are just for fun.  But we've had them going for something like 15+ years at this point, and they're always active and competitive leagues.

Point system is basically 6 points for any TD, 0.04 per yard passing, 0.1 per yard rushing/receiving, -2 for interceptions and fumbles.  Plus points for kickers, defense, maybe a few other things I'm not thinking of, but its all very standard.  Most importantly, the leagues are not PPR.

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46 minutes ago, Whiskeyjack said:

Could never understand a system that rewards a 0 yard catch as much as a 10 yard run.

I've always feel the same about awarding a half yard plunge as much or more than the yards gained to set it up.

It's not my league, I'm good. I'll tweak your nose about it but I'm good.

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hey WJ i am in for b...isn't that where i have been before...


i have changed internet carriers so i might have to start anew with team stats etc...perhaps you can give me some instructions on how to deal...but at least it might be in my own name instead of niece's...hahahahah

i think email you have is same...


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