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How much of the gold cloaks leadership would need to be replaced to remove baelish/Lannister influence?


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12 minutes ago, Mrstrategy said:

How much of the gold cloaks leadership would have  need to be replaced to remove baelish/Lannister influence ?

could you be more specific? like from the Kingslanding, or do you mean just from within the gold cloaks?

Well either way if you wanted them on your side, you would be better off removing most of the captains and sargents and replacing them with loyal bannermen or knights like Tywin did putting in Marbrand. then add some of your own men to the watch and it probably wouldn't hurt to rearrange squadrons or units so that those who were veterans under the replaced captains are less familiar with their new mates making open discontent more difficult. keep paying wager or increase them and there shouldn't be many problems in controlling the watch at least. there will still probably be spies and malcontents but short of reducing the watch dramatically this is probably you best bet of controlling them.

getting rid of each listed faction from the city would still probably be nigh impossible with just the gold cloaks.

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