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10 hours ago, Ravenhair said:

I'm taking a Retin-A break, and my current nighttime routine is double cleanse, toner, 10% AHA, moisturizer, and eye cream. In the morning, I cleanse with Youth to the People Superfoods, tone, and then apply Vitamin C (without E) and Allies of Skin Prebiotics and Niacinamide Pore Refining Booster. With some exceptions, I switched my skincare to GM Collins, and I am loving their products. I really appreciate the fact they have a Vitamin C without Vitamin E. Most Vitamin C formulations have Vitamin E, and Vitamin E turns my skin into a grease pit. The Allies of Skin product was a great find for me because Niacinamides increase the oil on my face, and this product does the opposite. It does have a weird petrochemical smell even though it is a vegan product. The smell dissipates quickly, though. 

Your proposed skincare routine for your time off sounds perfect. How is it working out so far? Have you ever used an AHA before in place of a retinol or Retin-A?


It's great that you can get formulations with just one active ingredient in them these days. Skincare is such a huge empire that you can pretty much get whatever thing you want or need if you look in the right place.

My skin does feel a tiny bit drier than it did before I started this. It's not showing any visible signs of reacting badly but it just feels a bit tighter. Saying that, I started using the Niacinamide AND the Retinol at once, which were both new for my skin so perhaps it is low key annoyed about that. I'll persevere with this and hope my skin adjusts, drink plenty of water and stick some nice face oil on before bed every night. I recently got a really nice Gua Sha tool so that's my latest piece of faddy nonsense and I use that to massage my face oil in.

I've used acids on my face for quite a while now and my skin gets on fine with it. I like the Drunk Elephant glycolic night serum, but I only put it on once a week so I can't honestly say it is doing anything special. There is a place for both acids and retinol I think (but not on the same day). 

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