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Sneak Peek at the 2022 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar


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  • Euron and the Crew of the Silence
  • Sansa & Lady
  • Arya walking past a ship in the harbor of Braavos (it's actually not a wideshot)
  • a generic brothel (no explicit nudity)
  • Maester Cressen lets ravens fly from Dragonstone
  • Melisandre and Davos riding a boat to Storm's End
  • Craster with his daughter-wives
  • Jaime & Cersei embrace in front of Joffrey's corpse (nicely detailed)
  • Lady Stoneheart
  • Jon Snow lying dead, nuzzled by Ghost
  • Others riding dead horses amid an army of wights. They look more corpse-like, like the White Walkers of the TV show a bit, than the "ice vampire"/sidh look of the classic artwork.
  • a centerfold of Aegon I on the Iron Throne with Balerion overhead (not as realistic as other artwork)

This is pleasant, but there isn't any new info from it comparable to how the last calendar revealed the color of Vhagar (and also Arrax). Nothing we'd really need to use in wiki articles. 

The best ones (detailed/realistic/useful for wiki?) are Sansa & Lady, a generic brothel, Craster, and Jaime + Cersei. But nothing we don't already have visual imagery for.  It's also all from the main ASOIAF setting, nothing from prequel eras, unlike last year.

If an interview comes out that reveals specific notes that would be nice.

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