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Anthony Appleyard

Route of the First Men into Westeros

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It is recorded that the First Men entered Dorne from Essos from where Tyrosh is now, dry-shod on the Arm of Dorne before it was broken, walking or riding on seabed which then was land,
between the Stepstones which then were inland rocky hill areas, and reached higher land. The main account seems to say that they then had to endure the long drought of Dorne before they found the Prince's Pass. 

But https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Sea_of_Dorne says that The World of Ice & Fire, Dorne: The Breaking. says that "some maesters, such as Cassander, believe the Sea of Dorne was once a smaller inland sea separated from the narrow sea by salt marshes". That would have let many of the First Men go straight north dry-shod from the east end of Dorne to the east end of the Stormlands,  a shorter and better-watered jouney.


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