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Did Bittersteel and Aerion serve in the Second Sons at the same time?


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8 minutes ago, Megorova said:

"The Golden Company was reputedly the finest of the free companies, founded a century ago by Bittersteel, a bastard son of Aegon the Unworthy." - first half of 300 AC, ADWD, Tyrion II.

We already know the Golden Company was founded in 212 AC. There are a lot of instances when "a hundred years" is not precise, that's one of them.

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Here is written 200:


"It is known that around AD 200, the Golden Company took over and sacked the city when Qohor refused to honor the agreed contract."

And here it's 211:


"Shortly after being created in 211 AC, the Golden Company sacked Qohor, after the city refused to honor the contract it had made with the company."

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212 AC is the date GRRM gave us in his notes many years ago, and which he confirmed was still the case when we had a conference call with him going over the timeline around that era for the Aerys, Maekar, and Aegon V sections.

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Some websites stating differing dates doesn't mean anything. I could write an article about the Golden Company sacking Qohor in 220 AC, doesn't make it right.

Just for the fun of it, here are a few examples of similar cases:

The twins Ser Erryk and Ser Arryk, who had died on one another's swords hundreds of years ago, when brother fought sister in the war the singers called the Dance of the Dragons. (AGOT, Bran II)

->Took place in 129 AC, so not "hundreds of years ago"

The Kings of the Rock sometimes wed Westerlings before the Conquest, and there was another Jeyne Westerling who was queen to King Maegor three hundred years ago. (ASOS Catelyn II)

-> Maegor married Jeyne Westerling 252 years ago, in 47 AC.

There were dragons here two hundred years ago, Sam found himself thinking, as he watched the cage making a slow descent. They would just have flown to the top of the Wall. Queen Alysanne had visited Castle Black on her dragon, and Jaehaerys, her king, had come after her on his own. (AFFC, Samwell I)

-> Alysanne and Jaehaerys visited the North in 58 AC, so 242 years ago.

What did she care what Maegor the Cruel had decreed three hundred years ago? (AFFC, Cersei VI)

-> The decree Cersei is thinking about was issued in 43 AC, so 257 years ago.

The Warrior's Sons were proscribed three hundred years ago. (AFFC, Jaime IV)

-> same here

"What changed a hundred years ago?" "Aegon the Unworthy took Barba Bracken as his mistress."

-> Barba became mistress in 171 AC, so 129 years ago.

A hundred years ago, Daenerys Targaryen came to Dorne to make a peace. (TWOW, Arianne I)

-> Daenerys came to Dorne in 187 AC, so 113 years ago.

You can see, there isn't even a huge discrepancy between Tyrion's "a hundred years" and the date of 212 AC.


4 minutes ago, Ran said:

212 AC is the date GRRM gave us in his notes many years ago, and which he confirmed was still the case when we had a conference call with him going over the timeline around that era for the Aerys, Maekar, and Aegon V sections.

Thanks, that settles it.

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2 hours ago, Megorova said:

So Tyrion said that the Golden Company was created a century ago (thus no later than in the first half of 200 AC), and in The World Book it is written that GC was formed in 212 AC.

One of those is wrong.

And, concidering that ADWD (published in 2011) was written by GRRM alone, while TWOIAF (2014) was co-written by three people, it seems that the TWOIAF's version is the incorrect one. And this seems to be the source of mistake:

Yea, and the Hundred Years War was 100 year long? Even better: Did Nymeria have exactly 10000 ships? 

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On 8/24/2021 at 11:19 AM, The Wondering Wolf said:

I brought up the same question in a discord server today since I was thinking about Elio's quote on Aerion (inspired by your reddit post): "The one thing i will say about what we know, and i think i can be vague enough, and i haven't really seen it. i think people haven't thought enough about Aerion Brightflame, and the details of what we learn in the world of ice and fire about him, and how that fits into to things. there's some stuff there that george hasn't really, there's some dots that people have not connected as far as i've seen. so i'll leave you guys with that." Elio must have seen almost every theory, so I guess we can rule out any 'Aerion killed Haegon' or 'Aerion is an ancestor of Varys' theories. I've already speculated about some Brightflame/Bittersteel partnership or that Aerion might have been the one who informed Aegor's men how to get him free after the third rebellion, but not sure that would make any sense. Aerion also could have been the one who let the guys in who assaulted Aelora, I don't think there are any hints, though.

Brightflame theory

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