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Joe Abercrombie: You Say you want a revolution [SPOILERS including the new sample chapter]


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9 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

I keep wondering how some of you can go so fast through a book. ^_^

I “just happened” to be on vacation when the book came out.

Though I did tear through it.

A reread is a must. After I’ve had a couple more days to digest it of course. 

Edit: Put that in the wrong reply :blush:.

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13 hours ago, A True Kaniggit said:

Tell me if you don’t have it in 2 weeks. If not I will buy another copy and ship it to you. 

Thank you for the offer. I hope it won't be necessary as I bought one of the signed editions, so I'm guessing these are not so easy to procure after launch :) I'll let you know, but definitely thanks in advance.

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On 9/17/2021 at 9:22 AM, Ninefingers said:


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It seems like all of our main characters follow the same arc:

1. Have failing/flaw 2. Struggle to change 3. Fail because that's just who they are.

Ninefingers, Shivers, Broad, Glotka, Savine, Leo, Ferro, Monza, etc etc

Just about everyone everyone who we have a POV into how they think goes through this. It would be nice to work in a couple people who just change for the better (or worse). 



Tough one. The Dogman. But I had to really think about it. Rikke too. These are POV characters that not only grow but achieve. Do better(?) maybe. Depends on which side of the fence you are on.

I suppose Abercrombie has a soft spot for this particular family. And so do I.

The one who never really tried to change is Ferro. The Gurkish took the wish to be better out of her along with her freedom. The only thing that she had left by the time we meet her in The Blade Itself is vengeance. And when The Last Argument of Kings is done she’s just as bent on taking it on the emperor Uthman-up-Dosht. A VERY determined woman Ferro Maljinn. I think she might have succeeded too. Still waiting for her stand-alone!

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On 9/1/2021 at 11:35 AM, Darzin said:

The first chapter of the Wisdom of Crowds is available on Joe's website a long with a summary blurb. The first chapter opens up with  the armies vanguard returning to a riotous Adua and we get Orso's Leo's and Savine's POVs. Judging from the chapter where half the union seems to be in revolt including Adua which seems half in revolt and a "people's army" ominously set to arrive on the doorstep of Adua, as well as the blurb which mentions of Citizen Brock and Citizen Savine. It seems like the union government is poised to fall pretty early in the book and most of the book will be dealing with the post revolutionary government and society. I'm pretty excited for this and can't wait to see what Joe does with it. My only regret is  I wish we had more than one book to explore it. 


I don' think Bayaz is behind the revolution. One of the Burners key goals is to burn the banks, and we see both the Breakers and the Burners kill multiple agents of Valint and Balk no way Bayaz tolerates his power being assaulted like that. If he was behind the Breakers and the Burners his agents would be among them rather than being strung up by them. I think the whole revolution is going to blindside Bayaz he's used to intimidating nobles not mass popular revolts. 

I think the new parliament of whatever sort of regime replaces the Monarchy will imprison and eventually execute Orso. A group of owls is called a parliament and given that Joe read a lot of books on the French and Russian revoltions I think the outlook is grim for Orso. Plus he hates hangings and Joe Abercrombie loves irony. My fanfic is that Orso runs away to the North and becomes Rikke's kept prince/househusband but you have to be realistic about these things.

I think Rikke will unite the North and annex Angland, but at some personal cost. How much I don't know she could be a shell of herself or have a chance to let a sliver of light into her stone heart.

I looked already but I don’t remember such a phrase there. Maybe I wasn't very careful. I've wanted to revisit it for a long time. I'm just interested in industrial revolution, found https://studydriver.com/industrial-revolution/ for this. True, these revolutions have a different meaning, but still. This phenomenon always remains in the memory of peoples.

I will review again

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58 minutes ago, Corvinus85 said:

Depends on the script. He did the first Deadpool movie, too.

Joe himself wrote it for this one.

I wonder if his writing a script for Love, Death, and Robots was a hint they were already talking, or if it put the ball in motion... 

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58 minutes ago, Ran said:

I wonder if his writing a script for Love, Death, and Robots was a hint they were already talking, or if it put the ball in motion... 

@Ran you mean that Abercrombie wrote the Love, Death, and Robots script? Or Tim Miller? 

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Excellent news!! I'll love to see that. Of course, it would be preferable to start for the first book of the trilogy (now they'll probably need to recast Shivers when they go for that), but I can totally can understand how starting with a standalone is preferable from a business perspective.

I wonder how faithful the adaptation will be. Reducing the number of Monza's victims would seem sensible, given the limited screentime. I'd also say that cuting Shenkt and Vitari would make sense.

3 hours ago, Ran said:

I wonder if his writing a script for Love, Death, and Robots was a hint they were already talking, or if it put the ball in motion... 

Joe reveals in his blog that him and Miller "have been working together on bringing the First Law to the screen in one form or another (among other things) for over a decade".

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Huh. Makes me think those photos from a writer’s room in Studio Culver City from a few years back was put together and possibly led by Miller.

Very cool.


ETA: Huh, came in to link that thread once I was home, and I see the top response is Mark Lawrence saying that a year ago (i.e. 6 years ago) he was told the Deadpool director was trying to make it happen. So, I guess that's a yes?

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