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Anthony Appleyard

People's ideas for a continuation to the TV series

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This Youtube video ("The Best Way To End Game of Thrones!? - Top 10 End Game Theories! Game of Thrones Season 8") by Talking Thrones, describes ten main ideas for continuation or alternative ending to the TV series, that people (discussers and fan fiction writers) have had.

That Youtube video copied this information from this page on a website called ScreenRant . It listed these 10 fan theorizations about what might happen:-

10: Targaryen restoration: Jon and Daenerys marry and rule Westeros as king and queen.    
9: The Night King wins:  the Night King kills all of the main characters and destroys Westeros
8: Daenerys goes back to Meereen
7: Jon and Daenerys die, their child inherits the throne
6: Jon Snow becomes king: but without Daenerys
5: Jon and Daenerys give up their claims and leave Westeros: they go east to Meereen or beyond the Wall with the wildlings
4: The Iron Throne is destroyed, Westeros is ruled by a Great Council
3: Gendry becomes king
2: Cersei destroys King's Landing with wildfire
1: Westeros is divided into seven separate kingdoms once more; and perhaps Jon and Daenerys rule the Crownlands, making 8 kingdoms

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